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you can get a brand new laptop for the cost of some of these tablet computers

Posted Feb 28 2012 9:20am

Point is you can get a brand new laptop for the cost of some of these tablet computers   that are nothing but web browsers and Angry Bird machines. Windows 7 is a much more complete OS. Plus you get better processor in the laptop and a REAL physical keyboard(not that I'm a fan, I like both real and virtual), dvd/blu ray player, etc. The tablet with no Win 7, no physical keyboard, can't run Windows programs, no dvd player.....yet they are the same price as the laptop for what essentially is a screen, processor, and casing. It still doesn't justify the costs. Tablets SHOULD be cheaper.

New 7

I would love to see how the screen holds up against the nook colors IPS screen. It will probably be this vs the amazon and nook tablets. Archos needs to up their game being veterans.Tether it to your smartphone like everybody else does.  Or you could just use something other than Google for your nav.  There are other companies offering that for Android tablet that don't require downloading on the fly.That's actually viable; I wanted a tablet but the majority are far too big for my liking. I'm sure it will perform well in the pocket tablet department.

You can't compete with Apple with equivalent hardware at the same price point. You either have to have a cheaper price, or more/better functions/ports/etc. That's always been true in the desktop laptop space, but somehow all these tablet makers seemed to think it wouldn't be true in tablets. If anything, it would be MORE true in tablets since the iPad is so dominant right now with the Apple app store so much better than for Android tablet computers


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