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Xiaomao Wang went to wash before being womens nike free 3.0 v3 washstand

Posted Feb 06 2013 5:47am
Wang is a bit old teacher, 59, this year, next year expiration of sixty honorable retirement. Wang stood lifetime podium and did not accompany the popsicles box had stood. His continuous stand on the podium three lessons do not feel tired in the the popsicle box next to station less than half-hour backache leg pain. Wang nodded Jinjiao Men went to the back of the box. Looked back, Yang Xiaoguang the nike free 4.0 v2 sale bench has moved to the edge of the road, and loudly crying: "popsicle - sugar, red bean ice - sticks -" he did not realize the whole morning, even I heard nor crying, too. He hurried back to the dorm, put down the box goes empty-Huang Huang, but do not want to eat. He drank a glass of cold tea, and lay down to sleep.

Wang is trance blurred in shake, open your eyes, the original is any hairs standing on the bed. What Xiaomao anxious toot said: "Wang get up, the students are coming to school, taking advantage of no class just sell some popsicle!" Wang heard was a bit disgusted with such a small age students keen on popsicles trading Road, as people disgusted. Bad he hurt the enthusiasm of the students had to say: "Oh ... well ... I'll go."He Xiaomao more exciting: "Wang If you are tired, I went to sell it for you for a while, to catch up with the lessons and come back to see me."Wang shook his head: "ready before you go for the lessons it! I'll go and sell, I'm not tired."He Xiaomao Wang went to wash before being womens nike free 3.0 v3 washstand in front, said: "Wang, my dad called me the Houshang back with a box of popsicle, you fetch me away, you can sell a box . "Wang appears at this time and only then where hairs and how social positions together, he said: "Your dad buy to school popsicles plant to buy good and inexpensive."
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