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Posted Jan 28 2013 6:22am
At first, young and strong Yin Xi by going out the dry construction of money to subsidize home, Wang Xiufang also went to a company in Southern towns and villages to work to earn money, more or less During the dinner, Zhao Bingyi finally could not help but ask Yin Xiaoya: " Xiao Ya, Lele has two many months, also the name? " Zhao Bingyi asked: " to name, first name, so you are ready to let his surname what? " Yin Xiaoya listens, laugh, almost casually out: " what name? Zhao, my body now the flow of the blood of Zhao Jianmin, the children not surname surname Zhao? " then, she looked to Lele arms in Zhao Jianmin "" I this life don't, don't drag the child reading! " that son to school work to help cure him of his illness, Yin Xiyou eyes moist, he said the disease if not treated, he also can not delay the child's future Zhou Tate and bought a pot of Qionghua, respectfully placed in the Yin Wuyong before bed, said earnestly: " if you don't abandon our factory is small, you, you are always welcome to come to work! "As of September 17, 2007, Yin Guangan has 17 times received skin graft operation, 5 underwent plastic operation, therefore, Zhou Tai and total cost medical treatment cost about 1100000 yuan Look, Liao Xin couldn't stand anymore, she ran to her daughter tightly in his arms, crying loudly: " light snow, my mother finally found you! Do you know her? "Maybe the blood coach factory outlet kinship born, looking at the Liao Xin deja vu, light snow suddenly burst into tears, sheepishly called " mother ", don't let it go The doctor restricted him to a short period of time the blood donation, eager to save the child of Chen Dizhu thought to the college students for help: " prior to the river engineering, I have for a whole morning brand in two universities at the door, almost want to give up That day, Chen Jian to care for her son, but also to take care of his wife, also had to deal with matters of business, and his the spirit of near collapse " I told him, well, in any case I will always serve the etude She said, at that time, I really hard, can give you nothing "Miss, I want to continue to go to school, but now in order to save his brother, I have coach factory outlet online to drop out of school to work Seeing this, Zhao Jianmin hurried to comfort her: " you don't be sad, I will try to help you solve the difficulty now! "Zhao Jianmin volunteered to do the " top man ", soon, Zhunshengzheng do down Many days passed, and no news of Chen JiannaSmall sweet thought this lawsuit over, did not expect Zhao Zhongya appealed At the same time, from the toilet back light snow found, immediately rushed to an embrace Yang Yumei's leg, crying loudly: " Mom, you said you would love me forever, you did snow? " Yang Yumei turned to hold snow cried aloudHe was a sunshine secondary school teachers, 4 years ago his wife a come unexpectedly illness, high medical expenses and the huge pressure to the strong man in the life of a changed man Shen Zhengyan tell small sweet: let us together again in the face of suffering, not to let Zhao Zhongya get retribution, in order to give a small bud bud is as clear as noonday life opportunities This was born in a village businessman believe friends, began to take the " drug "I bit my lip, refute without a word, she said that every word is true These days, the Xia Xia and Zhang Bin because of various reasons, has not yet established the adoption relationship, according to the spirit of the document, if the Xia Xia for orphans, Xiaxia monthly will enjoy basic living expenses allocated by the central government, the past few days, Yao Qin and in handling the orphan proved Xiaxia things running around She had no work, ears, in the end to pan mother and mother what to sayZhang Ming is the local anesthesia, the person is conscious, aware and found a lump, she humorously said to the doctor: " this is ' buy one get one '? " the doctor amused by her, says the patient has to be like you The institute according to the Supreme People's court " several regulations about the civil action evidence " presumption of Zhao Zhongya and bud bud there own blood relationship " At this time, he met the Xie JiaqiThe body in the field, the business is not always smooth, and was the lover's betrayal, Li Lin can not help but recall the past happiness and warm family, the wife of Atsuyou HmegumiThe reporter saw, 4 rooms cement bricks, hardly a valuable things, kitchen and living room coach factory outlet roof was leaking, plastic basin has been filled with water, and perforated ventilation walls with mould, the pot filled with not eating carrots and cabbage, door spalling of the poetic couplet, " no perceptible shame delicacies, guest " seven words She said, your mom gave me a lot of money, you see Deng Mingzhu, not only by the parents again love, parents also agreed to her and Chen Weiguo continue contacts In those days, Zhang Jiande patiently waited on his wife, every day and changing the law to raise the wife likes to eat the food, relieved boredom to her when Zhao Guilian was upset She was reluctant to spend money to the hospital, at home, take medicine drip to go After all, is a piece of meat himself falling, how can you not care? Snow for her strange and cold, just like in her heart with a knife stabbed! This time, her head is filled with the daughter of the shadow As a man, the responsibility must not hesitate to take down Night more busy, Paige and mother bath, wash diapers a day for good shit, began to write the homework Chen Weiguo and Deng Mingzhu rushed back to Hunan from guangdongUntil the middle of the night, until Zhang Yimin comes home drunk

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