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Warcraft laugh at New Orleans renamed pelican Bryant: they are not very scary

Posted Jan 30 2013 2:21am
According to media reports in Los Angeles, New Orleans has been renamed New Orleans Ti, for this name, kobe Bryant and warcraft Howard can't help laughing, and laugh at the time. When the reporter mentioned the name of the pelican, Howard try to keep the seasoned diplomatic stance, but he finally could not help but laugh. Nike Air Max 2013"The name is a bit strange." Howard said with a smile, "I for the lakers, I like our team name." To this, the Los Angeles media ridicule way, Howard will become a free agent this summer, it is estimated that the pelican is not he considered within the list. In fact, the lakers today will be at home against the pelican, at present the lakers is 19 games and negative, pelican record is 15 - and negative. "They are not very scary." Kobe Bryant mentioned pelican team with a smile. We can see out, along with the beat the jazz and thunder, obtains two winning streak, the lakers players mood is very good. The pelican is currently in the last in the western conference, the lakers scored the game should not be a problem, but then they will have this season most difficult road trip (7 even the guest). Of course, the hornets are not a bullying team, they also had very good win, including two against Memphis, beat the spurs, rocket, the clippers and bulls. In addition, they also have the no. 1 Cheap Nike Air Max a2013 pick Anthony Davis. The local time last Sunday, the hornets beat small gasol in the Memphis grizzlies, this caused the big gasol vigilance. He did not like kobe Bryant and warcraft that make fun of the hornets renamed pelican, but he is to remind the team, Eva: don't underestimate the pelican."No matter what is the name of the team, they have a dangerous team," gasol said. "they are a team with young talent team. If you question them, give them the opportunity, that they will make you quite big trouble. They are a tough team. We can't question. We must get serious." Not long ago, a specialized NBA players union financial investigation report, accused of executive director Billy hunter abuse power for personal gains, nepotism, for the benefit of the family. According to Bloomberg news agency (Bloomberg) reported that hunter Nike Air Max 2012 has withdrawn relatives in the union, and through the mail way inform players committee. Has openly report points out that, since 2001, players union to hunt family and related company pay nearly $4.8 million. And hunt each year I can get 3 million annual salary. Hunter in the letter is so explain the decapitation decision: "I hope to be able to alleviate the decision any because they hold, leading to the outside world attention, although the report says they are very professional, and don't get high pay." Hunter's daughter - robin - hunter has been in the United States on January 25, local time left, and hunt daughter-in-law - responsible for trade union sponsors affairs megan - Iraq Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 will accept and on February 17, turnover. In addition, the association will no longer and hunter son company cooperation. Hunter is now in the five years of the new contract, contract worth about $15 million. According to the New York times news, the NBA's most influential one of the player's agent arne Taylor's (customer including pau gasol and Derek Ross, Antonio Davis) called for players in Houston during all-star weekend to take action to hunt, its pressure on leave as soon as possible. The player's letter, Taylor's strong said: "the NBA player should have better representatives of trade unions, this is their foundation. I ask all the players will be your union and future control in their own hands. It is time for Mr. Hunter left."This weekend will be in the United States local time on February 15th to 17th held, the player will also held the annual meeting. It is reported, this year's meeting, responsible for trade union financial report of the company will also represented. Taylor's offer players should be in the meeting to discuss and make a final decision, he also think hunter should not be allowed to take part in regular meeting, in order to prevent him too much
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