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ViabilityIf the items you armed with at the same level

Posted Jun 02 2013 5:59am

Thrill of the Hunt (potential), Custom Engineering (Alternative route)Next, we would talk about the items.First, life steal will useless in PVP. Blizzard weakens shadow power result Demon Hunter lack of recovery capability. How can we regenerate blood? Hits add life and regeneration life per second! For my personal view, the price of advanced weapons with these attributes would rise up in the future. As for which one would be better for you, for my personal view, the players armed with old Natalya can accelerate per second regenerate life. The players who equipped with new Natalya can increase hits add life. More chances you can hit monsters, more life you would regenerate! About the old Nataly, the price of legendary Nataly in AH is proved that will exceed any items. Well, it must be the legendary!All of these are predicted by professional players, only for reference and discussions. The Diablo III PVP will coming soon, we should prepare for it in advance so as we won’t be killed by rivals. Welcome clients share informations of new PVP system with us on FACEBOOK. Meanwhile, the innovation code we post on Diabloiiigold Facebook Page. Why not come here get free D3 Gold? Thanks for visiting!
    The analysis of PVP in Diablo III -- Who will be the king in the PVP?

Hello,everyone!Still beating the elites monsters to collect excellent Items and Diablo 3 Gold everday?Don’t you feel boring and frustrated to farming D3 Gold all day and nights? If you quite agree with us, now, let’s conceive of the future of PVP in Diablo III .Maybe our imagination will be accepted by Blizzard.First, let’s analyse which characters has the biggest advantage in Diablo III PVP.*Skills Analysis</EM>1.EscapeDemon Hunters: Smoke Screen,Vault ,Evasive FireBarbarian:LeapMonk:  Serenity,Dashing StrikeWitch Doctor: Spirit WalkWizard:TeleportThe DH has the strongest dodge ability in all characters. The Smoke Screen is the most effective way to get rid of all the restriction. The rest of the two active skills can save your life in the emergency.2. ViabilityIf the items you armed with at the same level and the highest blood ball, you will has the different defense. As follow, Barbarian&gt;Monk&gt;Wizard&gt;Witch Doctor&gt;Demon HunterIn the inferno, for my personal experience that the Barbarian and Monk has the greatest resistance and the Wizard is not so bad Basically, Witch Doctor and DH are always be killed in one second! Of course, if you armed with spectacular items that is another matter.However, it’s hard to say the viability about PVP in Diablo III.
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