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"Use Smartphone Dre beats Goes Mainstream"

Posted Dec 07 2011 3:58am
"Use Smartphone Dre beats Goes Mainstream"

Smartphone use is the collection of steam in the US, the search for new shows.Dre beatsForty percent of American adults use their cell phones to surf the Dre beats, e-mail, or use instant messaging, according to a study by the Pew Research Center, in Washington. This represents an increase of 32 per cent it a year ago, based on the survey Pew 2252 adults aged 18 years and more that was published on 7 dr beats"The smartphone really penetrated the heart of American society", says Aaron Smith, a specialist of the Pew Research. In the first quarter, smartphones accounted for 34 per cent of all mobile handsets sold in the United States, an increase of 31 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2009, according to the NPD Group consultant. Sales of smartphones are summer boost from the introduction of the month last of Apple (AAPL) iPhone 4 at AT & T (T). Motorola (MOT) Droid X will be released by Verizon Wireless for July 15. A separate report suggests that the smartphone growth may reflux in the second half of the year as high unemployment and the oil spill in the Gulf of the Mexico of the sidewalk consumer confidence and reduce the demand for certain non-essential services. "" Remarkable smartphone penetration of growth will slow down,"explains Tero Kuittinen, senior analyst at MKM Partners,cheap beats by drenegotiation of institutional actions and research in Stamford, Connecticut firm, in an interview." After three months of consecutive increases, the index of the Conference Board Consumer dropped Confidence in June near the level that it had reached in March. The index is based on a survey of 5000 us households and reflects the sentiment of consumers on the economy. In economic difficulties, the growth spurt next smartphone may come from less expensive equipment. "" Specifically, consumers want smart phones at a price of $100, $-190, and our research found supply in this price range,"wrote in a July Kuittinen 6 report MKM." To keep sales rising, device manufacturers may have to face declines in price faster than expected until 2011,beats by dre headphonehe said. Manufacturers such as Huawei and LG phones (066 570: KS) are expected to push it in smart phones at low prices in the next year. Access to the Dre beats through other devicesTo stimulate the adoption, carriers may need to keep breaking the prices on their plans less expensive smartphones also. AT & T, the second U.S. mobile service provider, has presented a 15 billion plan to limit data on June 2. In six to nine months, the average smartphone user will pay only $10 per month for data connectivity, down $ 15 today, estimates wireless consultant Chetan beats"The obstacles to obtaining data plans are down," he said. Less expensive data plans can encourage additional consumers to access the Dre beats via smartphones and other mobile devices. Some 3 per cent of the respondents in the Pew survey have as an IPAD Tablet PC. About 60 per cent of them have used the device for Internet access. Approximately 4 per cent own readers of e-books such as's (AMZN) Kindle and half use gadgets to access the Dre beats. Overall, 59 percent of American adults go online wireless via Wi - Fi or mobile connections, computers and cell phones laptops, an increase of 51 per cent it ya a year, according to the Pew report. Among all the cell phone owners, 54 per cent used their equipment to send photos and videos, 23 per cent had acceded to a social networking site,beats by dr.dreand 11 per cent made a purchase. Older people are venturing into the mobile Dre beats more, also. Some 43 per cent of people between the ages of 30 and 49 Internet access, increase of 31 per cent it ya a year, according to the study. These people are also more likely to send or receive e-mail messages and instant. African-American and Hispanic consumers remain at the forefront of mobile dre beats adoption. More than 50 percent of Hispanic English-speaking users to access the Internet on their phone, against 46 percent of African-Americans and 33 percent of Caucasians, the Pew study. "" For many Americans, their cell phone is one of the essential utilities of modern life,"says Smith Pew."
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