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two cannibals people apply for into the IBM

Posted Oct 10 2012 8:03am
two cannibals people apply for into the IBM, company personnel director know the two this gang to eat every day, then warned them: "if you dare to eat in the company a person, you will immediately be fired!" Two cannibals a mumble to promise, said the company <a href="">Monster Beats Mixr</a> would never eat people. Two months later, the company safe.
Suddenly one day, the company found responsible for cleaning company sanitary cleaner is missing. So the personnel director very angry, seek to two cannibals nu scold, and on the spot fire them. Out of the company gate, a man-eater immediately to another complain up: "I always warn you not to eat in the work of person, you just don't listen! We two months every day to eat a manager, no one found. You see now eat cleaner, they soon discovered! You are such a pig!!!"

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