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Trend of Using Remote Desktop on rise in the United States

Posted Feb 16 2013 6:28am

The trend of Using Remote Desktop and providing remote support is growing in the United States as per the Telework Coalition (TelCoa), a leading non-profit telework education and advocacy organization, based in Washington DC. There are several factors responsible for this growing trend. Transportation and environmental issues as well as the availability of better technology at better prices are some of the factors that are pushing telecommuting in the forward direction.

Cost savings and increased business productivity are also two important factors that have encouraged Using Remote Desktop. Chuck Wilsker, President and Chief Operating officer of TelCoa opinionates that telecommuting will be more encouraged as the transportation costs rise and we become more environmentally conscious.

According to TelCoa, it is very difficult to estimate number of people telecommuting to their work in the United States. The reason given for this is that many people telecommute to their work only one or two days a week and they do not consider themselves as remote workers. TelCoa says that the United States has around 3 to 75 million telecommuters. Raising awareness about telecommuting and encouraging people to telecommute full-time is one of the goals of TelCoa.

An employee can save around $80,000 per year by working from home having, while the average employer can save around $20,000 per year per employee. Employers save money by having less office space and fewer parking spaces that reduces rental costs and energy bills while employee’s saves on office clothes, gas, and fast food.

One of the important factors for increased telecommuting is availability of better technology at lower prices. You can find several reasonably priced Web conferencing solutions and remote support appliances in the market. Modern Remote Desktop tools enable businesses to provide remote support to their remotely located clients. Additionally, Web collaboration tools allow employees to work together in a virtual environment.

TelCoa states Using Remote Desktop improves recruiting, provides better opportunities, reduces costs for employees and employers, and creates jobs. The software desktop technology not only works in big cities but is also equally effective in rural areas.

The RHUB Collaborative Remote Support Appliance can prove helpful to businesses as it helps reduce travel costs and incident handling time. The tool allows resolving support issues in a faster way. Some of the key functions of this Collaborative Remote Support Appliance is it allows businesses to provide unattended support and allows the customer support employee to remotely reboot the target computer and automatically reconnect to the support session.


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