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to teach supra s1w uk students the splendid Chinese culture but also to guide students

Posted Jan 18 2013 7:31am
The teachers are preaching Tuition FAQ also. I, as a language teacher, naturally has a unique mission as the discipline teachers. So how do you become a good language teachers? CULTIVATION is the bounden duty of the teachers. Teach Introduction to knowledge to students for scribes. Educating people, both in word and deed and by example, and teaching by example is more important than precept, to teach students how to behave, as teachers, especially language teachers, to teach supra s1w uk students the splendid Chinese culture, but also to guide students to absorb the outstanding foreign culture to teach students to be tolerant to diversity of mind. Confucius attached great importance to their exemplary role, and emphasized that teachers lead by example, serve as role models.

He said: "The body is not to make the trip; their body is not correct, although that is not from Confucius life can be strict with themselves, probation students in their own words and deeds everywhere." Jealousy forgot to eat, music sorrow, wonder if old age Zhiyi. "Mencius believed that teachers' work should be held serious attitude. competent teachers work than anyone can, he said:" the suffering of the people in good human teacher. He believes that teachers should have high aspirations, set a good example, adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, and other valuable qualities. To become a good language teachers need supra owen uk more these qualities?Second, there is a profound knowledge. For the teacher's knowledge, Mencius said: "Sage its Visible make Visible to make Visible its intoxication." To make others understand, own-come to understand thoroughly. Also vague, how can people understand it?
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