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This is one of the key methods to generating revenue

Posted Jul 10 2013 5:24am

This is one of the key methods to guild wars 2 gold
generating revenue in Diablo . Examine the vendors in the various acts for jewelry with fantastic statistics, and provide them at  periods or even  periods the unique price on the Community auction Home. This performs because people are either too lazy to evaluate the vendors themselves, or assume they provide crappy items.
While enjoying the regular activity is fun, generating revenue will take you outside the encounter and into the Community auction Home. Look for discounted costs such as under-priced items and stock up on them, then provide them at a higher price. This performs especially right now when the encounter is still new and people do not know the real price on most items.
Depending the amount, you might be able to buy the ingredients necessary to make a higher tier gem, merge them, and then provide that at a higher price. For example you might buy three "Perfect" gemstones and merge them into a "Radiant" gem. Make sure to take into consideration the price of the Jeweler before calculating your profits.
This one involves a little fortune and investment. Basically the idea is to upgrade the Blacksmith to a advanced level, and then art unusual items until you get one with fantastic statistics. These can net you quite a bit of profit especially if they move ideal statistics.
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