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The "Philosophy" of Climate Change?

Posted Mar 21 2009 4:24pm

I have been saying that science is becoming a religion (scientism), but this is ridiculous. A climate change parishioner has been found to have been wrongfully fired in the UK over his "philosophical belief" in global warming. From a column by the Telegraph's ever politically incorrect Christopher Booker:

A London employment tribunal has ruled that Tim Nicholson... was wrongly dismissed as a property firm's "head of sustainability" because of his fervent commitment to "climate change". Mr Nicholson had fallen out with his colleagues over his attempts to reduce the company's "carbon footprint". The tribunal chairman David Neath found the company guilty of discriminating against Mr Nicholson under the 2006 Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations, because his faith in global warming was a "philosophical belief".

Recalling how "eco-psychologists" at the University of the West of England are pressing for "climate denial" to be classified as a form of "mental disorder", one doubts whether the same legal protection would be given to those who fail to share Mr Nicholson's "philosophical belief".

Yes indeed. The double standards cut across many areas of social concern beyond what we deal with substantively here at SHS.

Booker also notes that current measurements show that the Arctic ice is thickening, not thinning. But there is a remedy for that heresy: He can always be involuntarily hospitalized for mental health observation for his denial psychosis.
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