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The Many Ways We Talk about Death in Contemporary Society

Posted Aug 17 2009 10:23pm
I just noticed that the revision of a presentation that I did for a March 2008 conference at Columbia University will finally be published inPart III of anew booktitled The Many Ways We Talk about Death in Contemporary Society:Interdisciplinary Studies in Portrayal and Classification.

The publiher's description reads: "This interdisciplinary work examines the representation of death in traditional and “new” media, explore the meaning of assassination and suicide in a post 9/11 context, and grapple with the use of legal and medical tools that affect the quest for a “good death.” The contributors treat their interrelated topics from the perspective of their expertise in medicine, law, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science, religion, philosophy, literature, media, and visual culture."

Here is the table of contents:
  1. Foreword by Lesley A. Sharp, Ph.D
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction -Christina Staudt
  4. The Pulse of Death Now: A Conference Project
  5. The American Kaleidoscopic Death and Its Areas of Intensity
  6. The New Mediated Death
  7. Violent, Politicized Death
  8. The ‘Good’ Death (Revisited)
  9. Looking Ahead
  10. Notes
  11. References
  12. Part I – The New Mediated Death
  13. Witnessing Death on the Modern Stage -Angela Belli
  14. Steven Spielberg’s Flesh Fair: Film, Fantasy, and Death Denie d -David Steritt
  15. Capturing Death on Video: Sophie Calle’s Public Installation at the 2007 Venice Biennale -Marcelline Block
  16. Ethic of Death and Photography: Korean Funerary Photo-Portraiture -Jeehey Kim
  17. Death in Cyberspace: Bodies, Boundaries, and Postmodern Memorializing -Sayantani DasGuptaandMarcia Hurst
  18. Death in Cyberspace: Psychoanalysis and the Internet -Mikita Brottman
  19. From Black Crepe to Blue Ink: Mourning Tattoos an the Practice of Embodied Bereavement -Lauren F. Winner
  20. Part II – Violent, Politicized Death Assassination Discourse and Political Power: The Death of Alexander Litvinenko -Ronald F. White
  21. From Mass Graves to Public Cemeteries: The Recent and Historic Treatment of Unidentified Bodies in Colombia’s Conflict -Ana María Gómez López
  22. Death in the Psychology of Genocide and Terrorism -J. Harold Ellens
  23. The Mind That Writes: Observing the Concept of “Revelation” in Religious Literature in Light of the Fear of Death -David Greene
  24. Chapter Thirteen – Terrorism, Death, and Sexuality-Jerry S. Piven
  25. Mass Violence and Adaptation: A New Frame of Reference -Michael K. Bartalos
  26. Part III – The Good Death Revisited The Changing Cultures of Dying in Medical Institutions -John Fox
  27. How We Let People Die - Miriam Piven Cotler
  28. The Irregular Pulse of Death -Margaret Souza
  29. The Empty Chair: A Psychodynamic Formulation of a Dialysis Unit Death -Maureen O’Reilly-Landry
  30. Medical Futility Statutes: Can They Be Resuscitated? -Thaddeus Mason Pope
  31. Dead But Animate -James M. Hitt
  32. Facilitating ‘Grief Work’: The Behaviorist Turn in Hospice Care -John Eric Baugher
  33. The Influence of Buddhism on Western Death Attitudes -Alan Pope
  34. Language Matters! Support for Using Emotionally Neutral Language when Discussing End-of-Life Choices -Judith Schwartz
  35. The Psychotherapeutic Relationship When Clients Approach Death -Herbert G. GingoldandRuth Mutzner
  36. The Behavioral Turn and the Refashioning of American Death -Philip Alcabes
  37. Afterword -Margaret Souza
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