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The "impeccable" China surrounding search information constraints of Chinese sea power

Posted Jul 06 2013 4:21am

The "impeccable" China surrounding search information constraints of Chinese sea power

A message on the Internet in China in 3 days the triggered concern: June 21st morning 9 when, is the East China Sea cruise China Haijian 5001 ships in China's exclusive economic zone and the U. S. "flawless" sound measuring ships met, and issued a warning to the. Light abroad sight for a period of time "rival" again, let a person can't help wondering, it did? Activities in China's exclusive economic zone near the Chunxiao oil and gas field in what is the intention? China is for the "innocent passage" "flawless" have no fake oakley way?

"The wolf in sheep's clothing"

Such as "flawless" such sound measurement ship doesn't look strong, no weapons on the surface, the coating also unlike ships, crew and civilian personnel, many do not wear uniforms, but play a crucial role in the essential anti-submarine warfare and submarine warfare, its role is not less than the vessel large antisubmarine destroyer, is "a wolf in sheep's clothing".

According to the U.S. Navy official website, audio measurement ship is a naval auxiliary ships, belonging to the military sealift command, is mainly used for measuring seafloor topography, hydrology, water, deep ocean currents and other information, for the analysis of possible activities of submarines and other underwater power in relevant waters range, import routes. While the global safety net reports, the United States Navy in the world to gather intelligence, specially set up "special projects", responsible for the project ship a total of 25 ships, including 5 ships acoustic survey ship, 4 of them "victory" and 1 "flawless" level. "Without blemish" (T-AGOS 23) is "flawless" level of the first and only one in March 22, 2001, the official service.


Due to the adoption of a catamaran small waterline hull, the ship running very stable, is regarded as the United States Navy submarines and ships in the quiet, work even in sea state 9 conditions, the ship roll rate will not exceed 8 degrees (6000 ton destroyer roll at this time of up to 30 degrees), to create good conditions for underwater acoustic sensing. "Without blemish" main detection device comprises a vertical layout active towed array sonar system and a set of passive towed array sonar system. Their task is to collect, handle all kinds of acoustic data, and through WSC-6 satellite communication system to the shore-based command center for information transmission in anti-submarine warfare, evaluation and analysis.

"Impeccable" evilness

"Flawless" in 2006 was deployed to Japan Yokohama keno, anchorage, it often enter activities in China's exclusive economic zone. At the beginning of 2009 3, "flawless" without permission in 120 km from China Hainan Island Office of the South China Sea for illegal marine surveying activities, by Chinese law enforcement ship warning. Acoustic measurement ship other levels have been reported in China's exclusive economic zone. In 2002, the United States Navy ship ocean survey ship in the Yellow Sea Chinese submarine detection, detection by sonar is the Chinese fishing boat crashed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. According to the Japanese "Asahi Shimbun" reported, the United States Navy had all 5 ship acoustic measurement ship gathered in Japan, and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force also has a similar "Rang" audio measurement ship. According to Japan's Yokohama Harbor Bureau data show, since 2004, a new security treaty between Japan and the United States, "defense against" to China, these ships port number increased significantly, 2004 23, 2005 32, after almost every year to maintain at this level.

According to a Chinese military experts, these sound measurement ship to bring at least two influences on china. First, use of passive sonar a direct threat to the US in the sea near the submarine. The towed sonar array acoustic measurement of this kind of low frequency ship using, can detect hundreds of kilometers within the submarine activity, analysis the activity patterns and routes, collect the sound signal characteristics (sound grain), establish database for future asw. Wartime once detected sound signal a submarine, which can identify the type or the submarine. Second, as the American submarine into coastal areas, and lay a foundation in coastal activities. Submarine in order to keep hidden, usually not open active sonar in water, to avoid hitting the submarine mountain must be in accordance with the chart navigation chart, and you cheap ray ban wholesale need to rely on a sound measurement ship surveying and mapping, this is equivalent to American submarines are familiar with the potential of the battlefield environment. The expert says, because the first island chain of the sea, mostly shallow, the United States submarines to activities such as the sea, the more need to "flawless" draw the chart.

Chinese military expert Wang Yanan 4 when accepting a "Global Times" interview, said that the United States, many of the oceanographic survey ship has not only high performance sonar, also equipped with electronic signal collecting device, if to the exclusive economic zone of China, characteristics of electronic signals can be collected offshore activities of the airplane, ship, from this sense say, "flawless" such vessel shall belong to the intelligence collection ship. For "flawless" appeared near the Chunxiao oil and gas field, Wang Yanan think, if the United States share by "Chinese exclusive economic zone hydrology data and flawless" obtained with allies such as Japan, will fake ray ban to the adverse impact on China's maritime rights and interests competition.

China is not be put in a quandary

According to the previous military experience, through diplomatic protest, international law is difficult to eliminate the United States Naval reconnaissance harassment. The most intense U.S. - Soviet confrontation during the cold war, both sides have not because of protests from the reconnaissance. However, this does not mean that the "flawless" detection action China no countermeasures.

An anonymous Chinese military experts believe that, first of all to strengthen early warning surveillance, expand marine monitoring range by space-based, airborne early warning, sea-based platform, master 500 nautical miles from the coastline of his country's naval aircraft movements, close surveillance of 250 sea miles away from the shore all target activities. Secondly, once found abnormal, should be promptly sent vessels, aircraft close tracking, monitoring, put pressure on the. Third, when necessary, take the appropriate counter, so that it can not reach the reconnaissance purpose. For example, take the interference, thwart the navigation action, don't let it get away with it. Or take technical means, as the ship noise interference device installation, change the tone pattern, at the same time decisive military activities schedule adjustment. In addition, China may be appropriate to each other the waters of the implementation of peer reconnaissance, but must achieve this point also need to accumulate strength.ljj014793

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