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That is a maximum supra vaider uk strong but lonely old banyan ah It is so tall

Posted Jan 10 2013 6:58am
I was very surprised to became poor. I thought, this bee is how much you want to return to freedom, but it is imprisoned, became a living doll, fancy playing. If it does not escape, it could mean the loss of life, to become a cold bee corpse.In the next few days, every day people waiting before flowering tree, waiting for an opportunity to capture the bees. Later, they have not only in play bees, not sparing even the tiny bee thought as to its death. I do not know how many "Prisoner" was imprisoned in a few holes, pick up a bottle of mineral water; do not know how many "Prisoner" In our view, a simple, firm in their view "cell" The where Luanzhuang until death. I do not want this tragedy to happen again.There was a classmate gave me a bee sting extraordinary, I put it on the table, not its tail spines exposed to its visceral (the bee sting extraordinary, the tail supra society uk spines will stay in on the human body, and dragged out of the internal organs by the tail spines exposed in vitro, so the bee sting extraordinary will die).

I pity it, but I could not save it, could only watch it slowly die. Bees slowly crawling on all fours, crawling on all fours, I watched it for a long time ... Suddenly, it fanned wings, "it does not want to run away." I thought. I want to finish before it suddenly into the sky, like a black lightning, brushed my hair, it flew away from an open window. I clearly heard a "buzzing" sound! In its last vestiges of power, to escape the shackles escape the fetters, toward freedom, toward the light! Where it will die the same, but it is rather quiet in the sun, the air is full of flowers and freedom in death. That we are drunk, you ask me to remember the old banyan tree? Secretly smiled, and I do not remember how? That is a maximum supra vaider uk strong but lonely old banyan ah! It is so tall and thick, that accounted for a quarter of the public sufficient road.Banyan tree, from the past to the present still looks fundamentally nothing has changed, change below it play.Time we are also very small, that road is not yet covered with cement, and we know how I forgot, but our relationship is very good, the appointment time to play together under this tree.
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