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Remember the old buss the lakers jersey add mark for the first time in NBA history department

Posted Feb 21 2013 7:19am
Jerry buss's departure, let whole NBA in grief. In order to commemorate him so many years to make contribution for the lakers, the team decided to his shirt shows buss feat. In the rest of the season in the game, the lakers will be shirt embroidered "JB" type of small cloth chapter, position in the upper right side of the logo. JB is Celine Clasp Bags bath (Jerry Buss) name abbreviations, the lakers hope that through this said Buss deep miss, but the boss 'name is placed on the jersey in the NBA is the first time. In yesterday's training, the lakers also held a news conference remember jerry buss, Bryant again with the boss to recall former communication of the scene, "when I was 17, he believe in my ability, one day can become the team's leader, one of the league's best player, he to my career influence." Old buss have a wish, is the lakers' title number can transcend rivals Celtic, Bryant revealed last time at the hospital to visit the dialogue, "we talk again to a championship, so will be able to in the title number level with the celtics, this goal will always inspire me fight." Coincidentally, the lakers today will be at home against the celtics, everyone wants to use a win to see off the admirable boss. In 1977, Simpson in a fancy restaurant and charming, beautiful blondes white waitress nicole brown love at first sight (ni g the eighteen years old), soon and the first black wife divorced. In 1985, Simpson and ni gram after marriage, because ni gram suspected that he was outside Celine Classic Bags the "milk" the relationship between the two began to appear crack. After a few years, ni g has repeatedly called the police, charged with Simpson to her kicks, two people's marriage also ended in divorce. June 12, 1994 late into the night, the west Los Angeles a luxury residential area, a small dog kept barking, caused the attention of the neighbor's house. People in a residential door found two more bloody bodies. The woman later proved to be Simpson's ex-wife nicole brown Simpson, and she is behind the restaurant serve raw Goldman. Two people all blood stain, and be edge tool and die cut throat. The night of the crime dusk, with her child to Goldman's in a restaurant. Left had telephoned to say that left a pair of sunglasses, Goldman to find work colleague said back to ni gram. The morning after, four police department detective came to the deceased husband is famous Simpson's residence at the door, found the white car bloody, the driveway and blood was found. No one wants to respond Celine Clutch Bags to ring the bell, the detective climb a wall and into, including a detective forman in the backyard find a bloody gloves and other evidence. A telephone appointment after Simpson to the airport the driver said: ten or so he rang the bell to Simpson's home no response, close to the eleven o 'clock, find a tall black (with Simpson similar) from outside in the street runs back to the house, then press the door bell after the Simpson response, it said that he fell asleep, and then ride to the airport to Chicago. Experience is like a Hollywood blockbuster scene after the police car chase after, Simpson was arrested. Formal trial began, in the opening address when prosecutors accused of Simpson's planned to kill his wife, motive is jealous and possessive. After the divorce, Simpson to ni gram and handsome young man dating very jealous, I always hope to get together again, but hope is fading. The day, in the daughter's dance show meeting ni g Simpson is very cold, so that he has to be careful. Goldman belong to error through the scene, was killed by chance. Forensic identification showed that the victim's time of death in 10 PM to Celine Luggage Bags 10 point between 15 points. Simpson's claim that the 9 and 10 point to fifty points at home between his sleep alone, cannot provide the witness. However, the prosecution of premeditated murder charges seems to be reasonable, the main reason is: the Simpson to catch the plane, he has made an appointment for a luxury taxi send yourself to the airport.
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