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received permission to rise to the surface nike air max bw cheap of the water

Posted Oct 06 2012 12:41am
She could see the moon and stars - of course, they emitted light faintly, but through the water, they look than in the eyes of our people is much greater. Underneath them if there is something like a black cloud floating past, she would know that this was either a whale swimming over her head, is a carrying many passengers the boat CDB. But who never can not imagine them following a beautiful little mermaid, holding out her white hands towards the keel of their ship. In the second year the second sister received permission to rise to the surface nike air max bw cheap of the water, can easily to swim about where to go. Her out of the water just as the sun whereabouts; She felt this most beautiful sight. She said, The whole sky looked like gold, while the clouds it - well, she really is no way to describe their beauty out! They passed over her head Red dived, dived purple. However, than they fly faster, like one another since long veil, a group of wild swans skim over the water. They fly to the sun, she swam to the sun. But the sun had set. A rosy sunset, between the sea and the clouds slowly disappeared.Then, after a year, the third sister up. She is one of the most daring of them, she swam a river flowing into the sea to go. She saw some of the beautiful green hills covered nike air max 2012 cheap with vines planted. Palaces and Grange Yu mao woods vaguely exposed; she heard the birds singing, and the sun shone so warm, she sometimes had to sink into the water, her burning face can get a little cool. In a narrow creek she found a group of human children; them naked, to swim in the water. She wanted to play with them for a while, but they startled and fled.
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