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Niche Blogging

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:51pm
Several commentators (like Ohio State Law ProfesorDouglas Berman) have recently called for more single-issue bloggers.  
John Marshall Law Professor Corey Yungobserves that there are some negatives to a single-issue blog:   "A niche blog audience tends to be narrower and there are less regular readers. Instead, narrow-focus blogs are consulted more often when a hot topic intersects with the blog's subject matter. . . .  That means that the niche blogger has to a lot more work during the off-peak times to draw attention to the blog."

Professor Yung also notes some positives:  "Most importantly, the people who read my blog, regularly or irregularly, tend have much higher interest levels about the topics on which I blog. . . .  [R]eader feedback has served me well in enhancing my scholarly work. . . .  My blog forces me to read and think about the issues which interest me on a daily basis. . . .  I think the net effect for me has been to increase my overall work rate."

Medical Futility is, of course, a single-issue blog.  I agree with the observations of Professor Yung.

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