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Mature fingerprint time clock realize the basic functions

Posted Sep 04 2012 2:28am

To fingerprint time clock  access permissions for each channel is set up which man can pass in and out, who can't pass in and out  access way is to have access to this channel to people in and out of the way of authorization, pass in and out mode usually have passwords, card read (biological recognition), reading card (biological recognition) + password three ways  access time.

Is set in and out of the channel in what fingerprint time clock can pass in and out. At the same time for the access door time state can also set such as: door resting state, door normally open state, safety state, password status, APB state, password APB state. When resting, all the movements are stop; Normally open, goalkeeper no longer shut; Safety, require the user to punch in the door, Password, require the user to punch and password; APB, request punch and automatic tracking user area, don't let the user the regional traffic; Password with APB APB basic same, but to enter your user password to passage.

In and out of the fingerprint time clock records for can inquire, ensure the company security and can prevent employees from mixed work overtime phenomenon Real-time monitoring function System management personnel may through the computer real-time view each mun personnel in and out (at the same time there is photo shows), each state of mun (including the door switch, all kinds of abnormal state alarm, etc.), Also can be in a state of emergency open or closed all the incised.

Access records inquires the time and attendance systems can store all the in and out of records, state records, according to different query conditions inquires the, equipped with corresponding attendance software can realize attendance, access control card Exception alarm function In exceptional cases can through the entrance guard software to realize computer alarm or additional speech sound and light alarm, such as: illegal intrusion, door timeout has not closed, etc according to the system's different entrance guard system can achieve the following some special features.

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