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Limits of Prognostication: Kevin Monk

Posted Sep 22 2008 5:02am

Kevin Monk . . . suffered a traumatic closed brain injury when he was T-boned eight years ago in a midsize car by a large pickup truck. The truck hit the car directly on the driver-side door going 55 mph. Monk received no direct trauma to his head, but the impact shook his brain to the point of destruction. And with the trauma, Monk lost his memory. . . . He was only 25 years old.

Monk went into a coma upon impact and had no measurable brain function for 18 days. He spent three months in a coma. "Some of the doctors told Mom and Dad to just pull the plug," Monk said. "We heard that for months," Monk's mom, Janice Monk, added. "From every place we went, they told us he'd never be anything but a vegetable." Hearing this makes Monk mad. "Doctors are there to heal," he said, "not to give up."

But Monk never gave up on himself. He did wake up, and he's no vegetable. Beyond the injuries he suffered to his pelvis, his brain would never allow it. But Monk did re-learn to walk. And he does it now without any assistance.
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