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If you are taken to the ER while passed out, who can consent for you? Is there a limit to what Dr.'s can do?

Posted by EdenNV

I was taken to the ER by my Boyfriend while passed. I was exhausted, dehydrated, and had alchohol in my system. They allowed him to sign the consent form, let his mom stay in my room, and did tests I am extremely objectable to. I was stable, and they said I was just tired and would soon wake, but they did whatever tests they wanted to, including a catscan, and I woke up within 2 1/2 hours. They violated my rights, my body, and my privacy. Is this all legal? Is there any action I can take against them?
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Unless you had a Christian Scientist ID card displayed, then chances are this was all perfectly legal -- when someone is brought to the ER unconscious and the hospital runs tests, it is all presumed to be in good faith.  It sounds as if you are more irritated at your boyfriend than at the hospital;  the hospital was acting on the word of your boyfriend.  Are you upset because you felt that you were not in control of the situation?
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