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i have a mucus in stool ?? i go to the bathroom 3-10 times each day ?? i need help please !!

Posted by john

i have this mucus in stool , i feel tierd all day, i sleep too much more than usuall, i feel every time that i have to go to the toilet , i feel that not everything of stool come out of my body ,, when i put this mucus out i feel so much better, i feel that i have energy now, my face is become not pale when its out, and my hair is become soft!! i had this mucus before 4 years ago and its still with me ! i went to more than 15 times to the doctor and they told me there is nothing in your body , i did Endoscopy and the doctor told me that its

Secretions of mucus secreted leading body and he gave me a medicine its called nixium for the stomach and the colon but nothing change!!!!!!
please please please anyone who know about this disease help me..
thank you
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