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Human and Financial Costs of Futile Treatment

Posted Mar 23 2010 6:44am
Over at KevinMD , Dr. Grumpy discusses the human suffering and financial costs of futile treatment.  

"Lady in her 60’s with advanced cancer. It had spread through every organ of her body. Brain, lungs, bones, liver, intestines. You name it.  She’d had surgery. And radiation. And chemotherapy. Established treatments. Experimental treatments. Alternative treatments. . . .  She landed at my hospital, somehow. Sick as shit. Ended up a ventilator. Tubes in every orifice. Comatose from every body system failing. Suffered a bleed into the brain. Seizures. You name it."

"[T]rust me, this situation happens A LOT. More than you’d ever believe. The media leaps onto cases like Terri Schiavo as if they were rarities, but in reality cases like this are frighteningly frequent, every day, in every hospital in the country. Really."

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