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Hospital Took Velma Thomas off Life Support -- Then She Woke Up

Posted Sep 22 2008 6:16am

ABC News reported yesterday that

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[59-year-old] Velma Thomas' heart stopped beating three times -- and her doctors thought she was dead. Doctors took Velma Thomas off life support and then she woke up.

She was taken by ambulance to a local West Virginia hospital when her heart stopped after experiencing symptoms of a heart attack. For more than 17 hours, Thomas had no measurable brain waves, according to her doctors.

Doctors tried everything to save Thomas' life, even inducing hypothermia in an attempt to lower her body temperature and stimulate the brain.

Her family said their goodbyes and left her side at the hospital to make funeral plans.

But after medical staff took Thomas off life support, she miraculously came back to life. . . .


Particularly interesting, and exactly contrary to increasing expectation of some, Ms. Thomas' organ donor card apparently prevented her death. "Thomas is an organ donor, and that delayed taking her off the ventilator. Her family believes that Thomas was clearly meant to be alive.

Even her doctor called Thomas' return from near-death a "miracle."

Thomas is expected to make a full recovery. In a home video shared with "Good Morning America," she had a bright smile.

"I'm feeling wonderful, compared to the way I was feeling a few days ago," she said.

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