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he saw the white new balance outlet hair of the elderly she said

Posted Nov 21 2012 7:30am
Having said so much, if someone asked: "your high school life is how to end?" We answered in unison: "We smile at the end of!"Side of public telephone booths, an old man sitting on a chair. Stare at the phone, his face covered with wrinkles filled look forward to.Elderly 70th birthday today, each of the previous birthday the elderly always here to meet her daughter's phone, listen to her sweet and said: "Mom, happy birthday!" ---- Then daughter to college.Elderly with a smile, maybe she is recalled before and daughter time together. A kid daughter is so naive, cute, sitting in the old man's body, he saw the white new balance outlet hair of the elderly, she said: "Mom, you have to wait for me with old Oh!" The old man very happy, kiss her little face ---- elderly his eyes tears.

Now daughter graduated from college, working in a big city, go and said: "Mom, before long, I will come to you." Elderly man lookin tears still laugh to take her on the train. Every day she looked at the door. The daughter please come every day, she wanted to say. New Year's when the old man looked at the intersection, and finally swallowed that cold hearty Nianfan of.The old man got up and won the phone and listen! Line fault ah! Her trembling hang down the phone, slowly return to their seats to see the head of the sun, overcast cloud cover can not come out, this is not too hot.The old man got up again, and listen to, passing hint of new balance 501 sale sadness in the eyes of the elderly, but she was still smiling, and go home, the sun had no alternative but to be pressed into the horizon. "Da" sound, electronic lighters lit the fire, lit another cigarette. Uncle ruthless inhaled slowly spit out the smoke. Smoke pot just pinched off the smoke, still in the "death throes", Jisi smoke rising slowly.
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