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Have More Fun in Life and Enjoy Life More

Posted Jan 01 2013 2:41am
Do you know how to enjoy life to the full? This is the most important issue of modern times, because so much of your life can now be taken up with incidentals, things you feel you have to do but are in effect of little or no consequence to you.

You can get bogged down with day to day living, so what you need is a plan to keep your mind on the things that really matter in your life. And for most people, the things that really matter in your life are not material things, but your friends and family. Relationships with your fellow man, communication and interaction are the real parts of your life.

If you think of all the great times in your life, all the occasions when you have felt on top of the world, I can bet that none of them involved you being on your own? A shared experience is always preferable to a lone experience.

If you want to know how to enjoy life to the full you should have a clear idea of what you want to do with your life, both in the short term and the long term. Have clear goals of what you want to do with your life, and set in motion the activity that will propel you towards those goals. Make every single moment count in your life.

When you awake in the morning write down the things you want to do that day, the real things that truly matter to you, and resolve that nothing will get in the way of you doing those things. Sometimes you need to be firm with people, if you do not want to do something then tell them, do not get talked into anything that you have no reason to do. Be in control of your life.

Make time every day to kick back and just feel relaxed and at ease with yourself. Fill your soul with positive energies, give a little love to yourself! It is OK to just be yourself and enjoy the here and now. If you learn how to enjoy life to the full it will be the best lesson you will ever have.
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 When the Subject of Time Management Techniques Comes Up


A lot of people tend to get that deer-in-the-headlights look. It can be a pretty intimidating subject. But if you look at it as a challenge, as solving a puzzle, then it becomes a whole different ballgame.


As I'm Sure You've Figured out,


To fully enjoy life you must have techniques to manage your time in order to get all your have-to's done and still have time for your want-to's.


For Instance, Say You Decide You Want To


Take up Ballroom Dancing(it could be anything...let your imagination go wild) but you don't know if you can spare the time. You're a busy mom, you work, you're in charge of the house, and Lord knows your kids wouldn't have clean clothes or food that didn't come out of a can if it weren't for you.


But, I Bet You Could Brainstorm


And create ways to save that 2 hours/week you'll need to take that class (hey, you'll need some time for practice).


One Thing You Could Do Is


On your weekend cook extra for a quick weeknight meal. Say, have spaghetti for one night and a couple of nights later have beefaroni. If you really want to get time efficient, then make enough sauce to freeze and have it ready for the next week.


You Would Be Absolutely Shocked


At what you could make with spaghetti sauce. Heck, add some chili powder, diced tomatoes and beans and voila, you have chili.


A Real Time Waster


-and therefore, a potential time saver, is to delegate some of the chores to the kids. If they are not already helping (which they should be) teach the kids little-by-little to help with the chores. Kids can, and should, do age appropriate chores.


Still Another Big Time Saver


Is to sit and figure out where your time is leaking and plug it up. Or, find ways to incorporate things you want to do with things you need to do. For instance, I have a TV in my kitchen-not because I watch a lot of TV and can't do without it, but to catch up on the news (want, though some would argue a need) while I'm cooking (need).


That saves me from spending extra time doing these things separately (this would be the plug that is mentioned above).


Another Great Combination


Is exercising and listening to a book, lecture, sermon, or just music. I personally prefer to walk outside but, for those inclement days, I do have a totally awesome treadmill.


When I'm using the treadmill I'll either read a book or put my laptop close by and watch a show on the internet. This is generally the only TV time I spend, other than the news.


It's also a fabulous way to do something you know you need/want to do (get in shape) while doing stuff you really want to do. When you're into a great book or music, you'd be surprised at how you can, day-by-day, go a little longer. And the time goes by much quicker.


Psychologically Speaking,


You really should learn to appreciate the "me-time" of exercising-i.e., getting to do what you want whether that's listening to music or just enjoying the walking park.


This will make exercising more enjoyable, life more enjoyable, and maybe you'll realize if you have young children and can still find time for exercise then hey, life ain't so bad after all.


You may realize that, while you could do a little better, you do have pretty functional time management techniques.


I Had Been A Full-Time Employee And A Single Parent of 4


For years and simply could not have survived without having an arsenal of tricks up my sleeve. I've got them to fit every situation. This is because I have been a soccer, football, band, weightlifting, hockey, basketball, tennis, swimming, and karate mom (usually with a few of the sports going on at the same time). Did I mention I was single at the time with a full-time job? You can do it too.

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