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hard on their own to live in reebok zigtech uk belongs to their own patch of clouds

Posted Nov 24 2012 6:01am
A very bumpy road, really want to find a fellow traveler, but I know that individuals can only accompany you walk in the great, full of flowers on the road, when the real storm, accompanied only our own.Always feel that and sometimes blurred own, I always immersed in the television show, I am in love with the idol, sometimes fantasize about the play's heroine, then for some memorable love will find a very unreal, . But I am also a very realistic person, because I know the reality is not allowed, a person on the road, the only hard on their own to live in reebok zigtech uk belongs to their own patch of clouds. See the article written by someone else, there is always the feeling of a heart slam, there is always a the impulse to put pen to paper, but true to that time, I can just stared at a blank rice paper, and somehow put pen to paper. Then just abandoned by the time I foolishly daze.

Today inadvertently saw a friend wrote an article entitled "memory article catharsis in the fleeting end of the year", so beautiful words, the same has changed a few words after he caresses so moving. No, not just the beautiful rhetoric, gave birth to this article, in my eyes, so is my heart man. No, I can no longer indulge the collapse of his pen, or I would feel more able to extricate themselves. It is like a manor house, but I just bird erratic humble butterfly garden. In this way, the adidas speed boat entire summer in my plaintive sound slough off, leaving only tiny bird butterfly pupae. Although humble butterflies before, but can barely Pina moved, and now have nothing the only layers unventilated pupae. Until the next spring or midsummer, then, look! His breakthrough will no longer would only vestigial wings of butterflies, but one worthy of flash flower garden butterflies.
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