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Green memories of

Posted Feb 25 2012 7:05am

 Time passed quickly, when the past to present in mind clear again when I and the world has 60 load coexist. Do not know from which year started, I don't have the habit of birthday....... Chinese people really pay attention to 60 a special birthday of engineering, ha, ha... My birthday but in imperceptible of that day of past. Also don't know what I had got from a, just want to tomorrow, and no longer the nature of the back in the future, but the days but was unusually total sink in the past in wage-earners. Unfortunately, sad cleaning once and throw it into the interatrial belongs to its that a grid and won't open easily. Perhaps is innate disposition always love to chew the sincere and pleasant past. Count to me to there is no lack of primary school, high school, university... Friend today, even though we all live far apart but thank science and technology of prosperity, let we can from time to time in E-mail and phone greeting each other and chatting, only regret is those who hit the world relationships but heard slim, I wonder they also were once friends ah, why will disappear without trace? Today when they again in my clear memory, I can't help but want to write this blog, I hope to have the opportunity to tell them: thank you! Although we do not have in hand through life, but in fact you leave me is how eternal and good memories!

If my life the first the thank you should be that "brightness" boy, we met is so inevitable and by chance. He is our neighbor eldest brother's brother, I went to the country to visit the town not far from his home in a rural. People then more sincere and enthusiasm ah, no any plans to go to them, be in the car, and a local girl drag 1: our neighbor eldest brother home in this town. Didn't expect their house was this town famous people, and the little girl as soon sent a man to notice what their home, soon came to my Fraser front of, very passionately invited me to his house, sit back, relax, but also immediately decided to join with me the ride to see his brother. Never forget him to accompany my any moment, can't forget his church I ride my bike, but also because I broke starts his new phoenix. No specific expression and form, feelings, as we like each other have be like without existence, my in the mind also default that is I the ownership of it. But I soon felt disappointed, not to his disappointment, is I must for oneself once the naive and recklessly responsible. That is, I once and one of my friends together to his brother accuse him sister-in-law secret. Today it seems this is how foolish behaviour! But when we but outraged, as if you are the as an angel of justice of the divine. I realize indefensible, how to become a big family of destroy their relationship a knot, so I chose to quit. In order not to hurt fai I and friends to discuss, she stole out of the army brother photos, I took the ZhangJunRen photos that this is my boyfriend and trying to end this period has not officially debut feelings. To this day I still clearly remember fai was pain and sad, and the pesticide bottle color and the expression, fortunately terrible things didn't happen. "The splendor" I want to tell you, you are a very good boy, I think if you were to today, I will not choose to give up, I will brave enough to face and solve the problem, but that's not today but forty years ago...      ugg bailey button

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