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For re-integration of the global resources of strategic considerations

Posted Jul 21 2012 9:20am

"For re-integration of the global resources of strategic considerations, Adidas will shut down later this year in only one of its own factory", July 18, Adidas, a paper reply to the suspension of the future of its plant in Suzhou. Adidas announced the closure of the only direct factory in China air max 2012, severance workers transferred will receive the "N +1 (N is working in the factories of the whole number of years) multiplied by the monthly salary compensation", the plant officially shut down in October 2012. Similar vein, global rival for Adidas, Nike, March 2009, Nike announced the halt in Taicang in China the only footwear factory. Adidas China shut down production can be moved to Myanmar, declined to comment, however, domestic apparel and footwear industry is indeed face gradually the high cost of production.

Independent Review of the sports industry Magang said, this is a great shift and transformation "of the signal, Adidas announced the withdrawal of this node is due to the rule of the market and the industry cycle nike free run 2. "Demographic dividend end of the era, making the class of garment processing enterprises are faced with the transition, select the ODM (original design manufacturer) is China's most base and the most practical a choice." Low labor costs, low rental costs, low raw material costs These keywords have imposed on the industry body of the Chinese clothing (000,902, stock it), and now these words are used to describe the Southeast Asian factories is more accurate. Nike and Adidas excellent footnote capacity is the general trend of changes in the withdrawal from China.

Between a few months ago, factory workers, or even on top of the network of public opinion began to spread Adidas Suzhou plant would be shut down rumors. A surname Zhao workers of the factory in Suzhou, April or May, when there is inside information, so that our workers can begin to find another way to other plants nearby to look for opportunity. Adidas is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of the adidas Group, the company will trade headquartered in Shanghai, with branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou as a production base air max 2012. Adidas product will be outsourced to other Chinese manufacturers, the company has about 300 suppliers to cooperate. In addition, the company will not be in other places to reopen the plant, "the news quoted the words of the Adidas spokesman said.

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