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Fantasy universe wars

Posted Nov 27 2012 8:32am
          I'm still points not clear what I place the world is the dream of or true, since the later I completely lost in the <a href="">Laser Diode</a> world,Unable to extricate themselves, that the laser, that fantasy color, let I involuntarily waved the hands of weapons to kill those kind of things.
         The current time is 2050, as early as 2012 that for the end of the world speaking thorough fuck off, doomsday didn't come, people are worried about things not, but this world don't lack of those who spread the rumor, those who wanted to destroy the world, so after the rumor became, the alien invasion, about this statement was preached god on its skill, it is believed that in the future it a time when aliens will lead their fleet to destroy the earth, and our human science and technology can't impedance this disaster, because the difference of science and technology but the human biological sometimes very special, sometimes strong will unexpectedly, so human continuously developed new type of weapons, to deal with the future of the disaster, and of which I heard the most severe is laser weapons.
         For yes, everyone know laser, childhood are played <a href="">Laser Pointers</a> believe everyone remember it, but the human through continuous exploration and improvement Will its development and become a powerful super weapons,And my dream is also in this time to start, but I'm not sure whether it was a dream, just remember the spacecraft, the ground everywhere in the burning, see the earth from space has devastation everywhere, and the sky filled with all sorts of color laser, red blue green purple is very beautiful, but the light is fatal, from time to time have spacecraft by these light hit falling down,I woke up with a start, looking at me around and found I was sitting in a spaceship, I control with him, and in the sky there is a kind of very clearly different from my UFO, and in attack with my craft, I suddenly understand this is war, this is the legend of an alien invasion of the disaster, I have no hesitation, although I do not know this is how to return a responsibility,But underground human is facing huge threat, I start my laser weapons, speak the alternative aircraft shot down, very thrilling stimulation, suddenly I ship vibration for a moment, I know I was hit, exploded, my awareness begins to blur, finally my eyes see is the light
       And when I woke up, business as usual, but feel where is different, this kind of feeling can't understand, the people around looks very natural, but my memory but stay in the past, to appear over all kinds of <a href="">Bule Laser</a>, I am very not understand, my memory become very confusion, but I can't careful to think, I can keep tell myself this is a dream, it was just a dream it
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