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Endocrine Disruptors Skewing Birth Ratio in US and Japan

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:17pm
From the polar ice cap to the middle of the world, comes study after study linking synthetic chemicals and their lethal properties, to a reported steady decline in the number of boys born each year.

In an article written by Elizabeth Barker for t he February 2008 issue of Whole Life Times, a recent report from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences determined a significant decline in the ratio of male-to-female births in the US and Japan, resulting in 250,000 fewer boys being born since 1970.

Last year, a team of Scandinavian researchers in the Arctic reported twice as many girls as boys being born in that region, identified as a "pollution sink" for the rest of the planet. Both studies blamed environmental pollutants as the most likely causal factors in the male birth shortages.

Read the entire article here .
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