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Doing Fine after Brain Death Diagnosis: Glora Cruz

Posted May 12 2011 2:06pm 1 Comment
Gloria Cruz had a stroke in her sleep on March 7 and was rushed to  Royal  Darwin  Hospital   She was later diagnosed as being "brain dead" by a team of doctors.  But her distraught husband Tani begged them not to switch off her ventilator.  A doctor finally agreed to put a breathing tube into Mrs Cruz's throat before turning off the machine.  And three days later, she woke up.  Mrs Cruz is now alert and getting around in a wheelchair at  Royal  Darwin  Hospital A doctor was so amazed, he said: "It's a miracle."  And then he turned to Mr Cruz and said: "I am happy that my prognosis was wrong.”  ( Northern Territory News )
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You and your readers may be interested in reading my website, which shares the story of my daughter's declared brain death by many neurological specialists. She is alive and happy. No brain damage at all. . Her doctors wanted to harvest her organs. Was it a miracle healing or a set-up for murder that is not only allowed but encouraged by 'the gift of life' multi-billion dollar industry? Everyone should read both sides of this issue to make informed decisions for themselves and loved ones.

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