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Collect past

Posted Feb 17 2011 7:00am
Collect past, cherish
Perhaps, the breeze as age never come back, Maybe, when the green boys have metamorphosis mature. But, now, we grow up, we, mature, we will still often unconsciously #15 Ryan Getzlaf NHL Jersey remembered. We step by step forward, and from time to time will slow down back. We sometimes escape from reality, hoping to get back to the past, because that age is too good, full of illusion and hope. However, we cannot go back, life is always going forward. Perhaps, after be brought nfl jersey   up, life had too many helpless, let us want to escape. But we can't do that. But we can find a quiet place, where you are the only one who knows when to there, vexed and quietly mood, and then restart comb.
Every level of life is beautiful Hotel Slippers   , let's cherish past, cherish.
Unconsciously, we have a sophomore. University, no morning reading, no self-study, no fixed classroom, do not have a lot of homework. But I still like to find myself a fixed seat. So, south hold office at court of self-study classroom, have oneself of small place, that's a secret base. Every time there, you feel life slow down, started slowly thinking. The boy sat behind, the tall, we haven't spoken, Wedding Dresses Online     so quietly. Unable to restrain to remember the high school, the sat behind me, will gently whichever boys tucked booing me, give me some sugar, then face reddened. At that time the hazy, confuse, DaoBuMing. Very pure and fresh, was very simple. After graduation, no contact later, his image also gradually blurred. Only now think of that age, think of him, of his handed sugar.
Like the classroom, everyday is familiar faces, fixed position, quiet and occasionally eyes met and smiled. Nba jersey   There, kind of sense of security, forget worry, there is no sorrow. Like returned to that beautiful period time.

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