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Cheap Kobe 8 States high school but not for the local club

Posted Dec 25 2012 5:37pm

But people still like to be an athlete likened the next xxx.Jeremy Lin in the face before the nets scored 25 points, Tang Zihao was the ruler of Virginia high school, but now all his accomplishments, or experience in the United States will and Jeremy Lin is compared.In Oak Hill, online time limited, mobile phone is completely prohibited, but Tang Zihao can still find some Chinese media said he said to be Asia's next hope.Every kind of Chinese media, and even some people accused him to the United Cheap Kobe 8 States high school but not for the local club, however, even the Chinese media about Tang Zihao never forgot Jeremy Lin.

This endless comparison is not without reason: not insane, Tang Zihao, either as Oak Hill 16, dual energy or Virginia's strongest newcomer, no selling point.He is just a high school in the United States, in order to play can increase the chance of entering the NCAA general international students.U Smith coaching success, due to the fact that so many high up in the gym, symbolizing the NCAA into the first division players jerseys, because the Oak Hill exposure as well as the title of one of the best domestic team, the gold team can reflect the current and future trends in the development of the University basketball.The gold team in international students came to Oak Hill just to enhance their level of basketball, but all roads mouth of Wilson, this also means that all the world now has a rich basketball talent in the future star.Coach Smith is not responsible for hiring, but his mobile phone and e-mail are still hoping to pave the way for children, hope children get a better training parents break, in the past five years, these calls and mail from farther and farther away from.Every time an international player in the Oak Hill success -- whether he really successful -- his hometown will have Derrick Rose Shoes more and more children were sent to oak hill.Time back in 1993, the Oak Hill 36 matches, the team leader is Stackhouse, Geoff Mcginnis and a 6 foot 9 big vanguard Mark Ndiaye -- this gentleman he - he had a rather strange university life after 2, became the first person Sani Garr NBA.After that, the remaining plug Nigar young players will start to repeat Ndiaye script, came to the United States to play high school basketball.From then on, Oak Hill had several players from Senegal, including Diop and the gold team 6 feet 10 backup center Duhem.

Last summer, 2011-12 national championship team to China, and China, Australia and Lithuania to a few tournaments.At that time, as the Lithuania U18 member Gusti felt it was associated with higher levels of players fighting chance.The tour ended, Gusti returned home and to coach Smith sent an email, asking whether his position in the team.Santana from 13 years old and began his basketball career all over the world, from the Florida IMG came to Oak Hill, in hopes of getting a better training and more exposure.Like Tang Zihao, Santana also in Spain for playing in a Youth League worried, that system is too extreme: either to become a successful occupation athlete, or becomes a never received any education of the youth of the community.

Tang Zihao joined the Oak Hill way is more traditional.He studied at Virginia high school and rich - William AAU he has proved Jordan New School himself, which made him a success came to the mouth of wilson.Coach Gillespie said that Tang Zihao left Hampton for Oak Hill, because he liked Wilson and quiet, and he believes his teammates displayed talent to better help him prepare for the future.This is the gold team: 12 gifted children improve the level of basketball and abandoned home of provide for oneself and live comfortably.Many people already have a university scholarship condition, but still come to coach Smith.The gold team 6 feet 5 small forward Sowell, in his nine grade when I got South Rowley of promises, but he boarded the Wilson mouth just in order to keep their lax, and exercise their body in order to achieve the next level requirements.

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