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Book review in Nature Neuroscience, yay

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:14pm

A recentbook review(subscription required) in Nature Neuroscience looks at two new textbooks in cognitive neuroscience. One of these is the recentCognition, Brain and Consciousness,edited by Bernard Baars and Nicole Gage. And two co-authored chapters by yours truly on neuroimaging methods. Just having your book reviewed in NN is a good cause for celebration itself, but the review is quite positive. In particular, the reviewers, Clayton Curtis and Lila Davachi, say

The authors effectively use conscious experiences as a tool to connect the various chapters on perception, attention, memory and executive control. Overall, the organization of the book is driven by psychological principles instead of by the organization of the brain’s functions, which one may find refreshing. Moreover, the authors provide summaries that place existing data into theoretical frameworks and even offer some hypotheses to be tested by future research. Although these theories sometimes go beyond the data and sometimes lack the detail to provide insight into mechanisms, they are thought provoking and will surely inspire students. As a shortcoming, some of the chapters in this first edition textbook are at times uneven in content because too little evidence is offered or the evidence is unbalanced. Compared with Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognition, Brain and Consciousness places less emphasis on animal research and relies to a greater extent on human neuroimaging and neuropsychology.

I think that is a fair and good review.


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