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big typhoon outside Tianhundian tree nike pegasus 29 sale down the house shake

Posted Mar 08 2013 3:30am
Then, he became Jiang frequent visitor to the home, a silly, stubborn enthusiasm to defeat his opponent. Jiang-lin gave him a nickname, called him a "rain or shine, Mr., because when he has been pursuing since Jiang Yanrong, and he daily must-visit, rain or shine. Jiang Yanrong also remember the big typhoon outside Tianhundian tree nike pegasus 29 sale down the house shake, they plugged the doors and windows to hide at home, Jiang Yan, if like the answer they talk like the door rang up in the rain, they smiled and said: managed to open the door. Li Liwei is rickety standing in the doorway, covered in dripping like a drowned rat! When Jiang Yanrong looked stunned him when he was still Liezhedazui directed at her kept giggling.In this way, he scored Jiang Yanrong heart also repelled the other boys did not take long, he often and Jiang Yanrong travel a.

Jiang Yanrong remember that night, they sit in Yingchiao cafes, facing the river, she told him about Connan whole story. Had finished, she Yang Zhelian looked at him and sighed:"Li Wei, I know you love me, But, do I request excessive, I loved, been loved, so I nike flyknit trainer uk understand. Frankly, I love you, it is not as good as I Aikang Nan, if you This point of discontent, you can retreat! "She still clearly remember him listening to these words after the excitement, his face turned pale in a moment, his eyes staring at her flaming. For a moment, he closed his mouth open and do not say a word. Then, he took a deep breath and said: "Well," she said, looking at that young wounded but stubborn face, said: "If I do not tell you, I deceive you, is it? Liked you, but not like I was on Connan as fanatical as strong, you know? "He gritted his teeth. "I know, I already know the story of you and Connan, many people are legends, but I did not expect to love so deeply you love him! Well, if you can not love my as Ai Kangnan like me get what you mean. "
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