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as long as we judgment in jordan retro 4 australia accordance with

Posted Mar 14 2013 7:08am
Nevertheless, the self-evidence is not limited to those who can not prove that the universal principles only. The many logical principles acknowledged by the rest of the can from their interpretation of it; the proposition deduced often and those who do not have evidence of assumptions proposition as self-evident. Moreover, all arithmetic jordan retro 3 australia proposition from the logic of the universal principles deduced like "2 +2 = 4" this simple arithmetic propositions and logical principles self-evident.Some ethical principles (such as "we should be the pursuit of the good things") also seem self-evident, although they are much room for debate.It should be noted that the terms of universal principles, special stories deal with familiar things are better than universal principles more evident.

For example, the law of contradiction is: not a thing can have some properties at the same time without the nature. An understanding of this rule, you will know that it is obvious. But, for example, we saw a special roses can not be both red and not red, it is not so clear. (Of course it is possible, rose a few parts are red, while the other parts are not red, or else, the roses may also be pink, and we simply do not know whether this color called red ; but in the former case, Rose clearly is not the whole are red, in the latter case, as long as we judgment in jordan retro 4 australia accordance with a precise definition of "red", our answer, in theory, they can be immediately determined. We are) usually by the special stories to understand the universal principles. No examples help will be able at any time to grasp the universal principles, which is only used to dealing with abstract people to do it.
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