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Are their any ethical considerations about a psychiatrist dating nursing students?

Posted by runforlife28

I have heard of a psychiatrist who has been chronically asking nursing students out on dates. This is during clinical hours when the students are during their clinical placement. I am curious to know if there are any ethical stanards that do not support this. This psychiatrist has asked several nursing students out on a date during the same time period, and at one point he did have a serious girlfriend. Although the women are generally over the age of 18, I feel like there is a conflict of interest at hand. These nursing students are in a vulernable position. Or this just a simple case of classic cheating?
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Is this psychiatrist also teaching these nursing students? Or in the college or university as these students?  There certainly is an imbalance of power, and a potential for abuse of that power.  Is the administration aware of this?
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