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Another Too-Eager Organ Procurement Team?

Posted Mar 16 2009 3:40pm 1 Comment

Only two months ago, aCalifornia jury acquittedtransplant surgeon Hootan Roozrokh of procuring organs too early.  Today, bothCBS NewsandABC Newsreport that anOhiocouple whose 18-year-old son, Gregory Jacobs, was injured in a snowboarding accident, claim that doctors harvested Greg’s organsbeforehe was declared dead.

Michael and Teresa Jacobs filed a $5 million lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for W.D. Pa. earlier this month, claiming that doctors atHamotMedicalCenterand a representative of The Center Organ Recovery & Education (CORE), a group that helps hospitals procure donated tissue, caused Gregory's death by administering medication and by removing his breathing tube. The Jacobs also allege that their son had not been formally declared brain dead when surgeons began the transplant procedure.

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The issue here is that the father realized his error in saying YES to donation. At the time he responded as a targeted "Christian" and, as such, did so in a knee-jerk fashion giving the gift of life as it is advertized to "merciful" people. There are thousands of people who don't realize their error in succumbing to the organ donation advertizing, giving the impression the Jacobs' are exceptions who simply regret their decision.

Or, if the donating family does realize their mistake, the truth is so terrible that they repress it or hide it with syrupy words. There are plenty in the donation lingo to choose from.

Greg's mother was vehemently against donation. However, she was left out of the equation which is what hospitals do. (They assess who in the family might say YES and they corner that person. One agreement is enough under the law).

Greg was not the only person this horrible form of death has happened to. He is one of the rare people however, whose parents were willing to admit to themselves what they put him through. These parents are very brave and I hope that the indignities perpetrated against Greg are, to the furthest extent possible, avenged.

Organ removal is a dreadful crime. The donor is not dead and feels in every case, what is being done to him. Worse, he is falsely imprisoned and purposely denied treatment on the presumption that his family will say YES. This is not a good way to die. The spirit for one thing must be very impeded as it tries to do its work. (See

Race, culture, religion and education level of the family determine the hospital's presumptions. Race is actually the premise behind "presumed consent." People must be on their guard.

However, if fully informed families DO want to kill their disabled children, organ donation is the way to go. The direction here however, must be made to follow the decision process behind abortion. Women choose to kill their fetusses. And it is socially acceptable, ethicists say. Greg's parents wanted him to live. They were willing to live with a special needs child, and they should have been allowed to do so, just as someone else is allowed to kill their unwanted child.

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