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all Of laser

Posted Nov 27 2012 8:30am
       Laser for many, are not strange, from our childhood up will have contact with the laser this concept, whether from eating and drinking or to play, a lot of respects involved laser concept, but the real how many people can understand Laser Diode? Or understand Laser?
       Laser single from color terms is points are many: red green, blue, and purple, and because of this a few light band is very special, it is easy to create strong laser; And from the wavelength of light up points also there are many from 1 nm to 1500 nm above all; From the points of power words is this: Laser original Chinese name is called a laser, is 20 world since, the atomic energy computer semiconductor after another important discovery, known as the fastest knife the quasi ruler of the brightest light he the brightness of the sun is 10 billion times as much as the principle of laser is actually very complex, was first put forward by Einstein's scientific theory, and then by the posterity will its produce and develop, here we will not discuss his found.Laser application is very extensive, basically have laser marking optical fiber communication laser spectrum laser ranging laser radar, laser cutting laser weapon laser disc laser indicator laser vision correction laser cosmetic laser scanning laser mosquito killer, etc., can say most of life can use to the laser, so that is why after laser from found by humans will its rapid development and growth and developed with laser primarily new industry。
      Many people do not know, supermarket bar code scanner appear time is in 1974, ha ha is very hard to believe that laser bring people influence is so big, the first to use the laser treatment myopia and gulf war appeared in the first to use the laser guided missile are in 1991, that year I just 2 years old cans be imagined laser application has been the omnipresent point, and now in the ordinary people's life laser application is the Laser Pointers class, all kinds of laser pen products emerge in endlessly, the single color weakness laser use or very extensive, and the product cost is also very low, I know of a web site is specialized production and sales of such products, and the quality is very great.
      They kinds of product very much, although the similar products in China there are lot of production, but the laser products I personally feel very cheap, there is one to paragraph is very popular cheap 200mw lasers, everyone interested can go to look, thank you for your cooperation.
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