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accelerate the construction of public supra skytop ii cultural service system

Posted Jan 24 2013 7:42am
Popular means mess dogma, to become ossified lively preaching, shoehorned into the original irrelevant to the artistic and cultural life of the juice, which makes the lifeless, this is contrary to the wishes of the masses and the departure from the people-oriented , is in violation of the production and development of the arts and culture laws.Secondly, adhere to the concept of people-oriented development of cultural industries, it is necessary to fully safeguard the interests of the people's cultural. According to the manifestation of public welfare, basic, equal, and convenience requirements, accelerate the construction of public supra skytop ii cultural service system, to attach great importance to the cultural industries to provide personalized service. What people consume, not what they should consume, can guide, but can not be deprived of the right of people to freely choose.

Do cultural industries must have a vision of the market, welcomed and loved by the masses of the people must be market and vitality; Conversely, rigid ideology and aristocratic vision to look at and the development of cultural industries, will inevitably confused lifeless, lost vitality. At the same time, pay attention to safeguarding the interests and rights of the people's cultural. Cultural market of fake and supra skytop iii shoddy products, poor quality of cultural consumption and cultural services, and cultural interests of the masses against; cultural product of aristocratic actually intends to ordinary people excluded from the cultural consumption outside this culture of the masses of interest in the realization of the damage. Cultural industries should be for the general public, and to serve the people's livelihood. Ancient China, street performers, such as rap, comic, storytelling, juggling both the popular culture of people willing to accept, is the prototype of the cultural industry.
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