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A Better Way to Die (that Just Happens to Save Money)

Posted May 17 2009 10:35pm

Last month, Think Outside of The Box, ThinkOOB, announced a $1-million grand prize for the first original idea posted to its website which gets enacted into law, plus up to twenty $500+ prizes for ideas that are selected for inclusion in an upcoming book compiling America`s Best "Outside the Box" Economic Recovery Ideas.

Alfred B. Lewis, the founder of ThinkOOB has a fabulous post titled

A Better Way
to Die.”  The message is, at its core, much the same at that of the Dartmouth Atlas:   giving people the treatment that they want will actually cost less.   Lewis does not defend rationing or denying treatments, but instead articulates six ways to lower costs and improve patient experience.

  1. Make sure that patient preferences are taken into acount
  2. Create insurance plans that don’t cover long-term life support in the even of brain death
  3. Make dying less profitable for the hospital
  4. Encourage hospitals to focus on helping people die
  5. Bring death to life
  6. Change the default provisions in the event no advance directive is signed   

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