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Bill W.

Palm Beach County, Florida
Hi, My name is Bill. I?m an alcoholic, addict and codependent. My sobriety date is September... Full Bio
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Birthday: September 23


Hi, My name is Bill. I?m an alcoholic, addict and codependent. My sobriety date is September 14th, 1989. I've been writing about recovery in a variety of places for some years. A couple of years ago I started a blog related to Buddhism, and incorporated a bunch of articles and essays that I'd written about addiction as sort of a sideline. Those pages have gotten a bunch of hits, and a couple of the articles are quite popular around the Web. It always bothered me that the recovery stuff was relegated to a inner page of the site, and not in a location that could easily be found Information like that saved my life, and might well have gotten me into treatment sooner had I known about things such as the disease concept and similar issues. I determined to get the links out where they could be found, so I started another blog, directly related to recovery. The folks here at Wellsphere saw it, and thought I might like to participate on their pages. I'm honored to be here. As for me personally, over the years I?ve been an ocean lifeguard, pilot, cop, gunsmith, professional chauffeur, and some other things that are none of your business. In addition to 19 years of 12-Step experience, I have several years experience in the treatment field as a counselor and lecturer. I like to think of myself as semi-retired. For fun, I take pictures, read, bird watch, spend time with my wife and family, and catch the occasional movie or meal out. The 500-plus weekly 12-Step meetings in this area mean that I can go to as many as I want. I'm married to another recovering addict, an addiction professional who specializes in grief issues. We share two daughters, two granddaughters, two black cats, too small a retirement fund, and too many years under our belts, but considering that we should have been dead twenty years ago, who's complaining? We figure it's better to wear out than to rust out. And yes, much to my dismay these past years, I really AM a "Bill W." I've finally gotten used to it.