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Bill W.

Palm Beach County, Florida
Hi, My name is Bill. I?m an alcoholic, addict and codependent. My sobriety date is September... Full Bio
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What The 12 Steps Did For Me

There are lots of ways to get clean and sober nowadays. We know a great deal more about addiction than we did in the last century, when...

Thought For The Day

Recovery is a way of being in and viewing the world, not something that we achieve and then move on to the rest of our lives. Like life, it...

In short…

Someone asked me if I think spirituality is important to recovery.  My answer: I believe that spirituality, in the sense of kindness,...

The Ultimate Authority

In his final talk before his death the Buddha said, “Each of you be a light unto yourself; betake yourself to no external refuge. Hold...

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Jan 01 2009 by ewenome
My name is Jamey P. I am definitely an addict. My new clean date is Oct. 14 2008. Alcohol is a drug.  I am experiencing some health problems today and there is a great deal of physical pain. I was honest with the doctor about my addiction. Always honest with lawyers, clergy, and doctors. Of course he prescribed a non-narcotic pain reliever. This is of no affect. I have talked with my sponsor about this and i have read related articles in The Basic Text. Opiates were my drug of choice and I have a low threshold of pain. Given my recent relapse, I feel that i should stay on the non-narcotic path but the pain is increasing which has a ripple effect in that my blood pressure goes up, icant work with the pain and I am straight up B#*%!. Do you have any suggestions concerning alternative medicine. I am currently going through testing for breast cancer. Thanks Bill W.
Sep 19 2008 by Bill W.
Figuring out this interface.  I'll post something soon.


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