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Bill Klemm Doctor of Philosophy

I am a neuroscientist at Texas A&M University who has a special interest in learning and memory. As I find new research papers that have practical application in this area, I write a lay-language summary of the research and try to emphasize how readers can apply this information to enrich... Full Bio
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Grit's Role in Learning

What do you think is the major determinant of whether our children excel in school? IQ? Good teachers? Good schools? Good standards...

The Neuroscience of Why Children Play

All children, if given the chance, will play, preferably with other children. The games they play are often creative, rough and tumble,...

How Schools Make Learning Harder Than Necessary

Keep your "nose to the grindstone" is the advice we often give as an essential ingredient of learning difficult tasks. An old joke captures...

Insightful Thinking 101

Genius is defined by creativity. Albert Einstein is often regarded as the epitome of genius. Nobody seems to understand his genius other than...

Analytical Thinking — Logic Errors 101

Improving learning and memory entails developing learning and thinking competencies. Chief among these competencies are logical analysis,...
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May 24 2009 by Bill Klemm

I am looking for a literary agent for my new book, "The Brain's Three MInds. How They Think."

 ... any suggestions?


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