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Rain by One Eyed Z. As I sit and sip my coffee and mentally prepare for the wet pedal commute to work I am reminded of a much loved phrase There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. ... Read on »
off again, on again: kansas bike redux by Beth H. Patient Expert Originally I had thought that I would ship a bike for the last trip to Kansas in June. But the rabbi didn't want to pay the shipping and worked instead to find me a loaner. ... Read on »
Weight Weenies and the WSJ by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional I got a mention in the Wall Street Journal in an article about the rising cost of high end bicycles .  We all know that when it comes to bicycles, “Less costs more.” Less ... Read on »
Skill Bonus deals Acrobatics by enjoy1diablo3 Skill Bonus deals Acrobatics +10 Athletics +5 Blade +5 Hand To give +10 Light Armor +5 Stability +5 Sneak +5 Special Abilities Eye of Dread Demoralize, size 100, once a day Ey ... Read on »
bicycle culture, activism, and class shifting by Beth H. Patient Expert The excellent writer Elly Blue has written a thoughtful post about the change in bicycle activism ... Read on »
Back in the Saddle by Portlandize (I forgot to publish this on  July 12th. Oops. If you were under the impression I was a polished professional… well, at least you’re no longer confused.) ... Read on »
UK Trip: Setting off, and a Review of Airbnb by Kelownagurl Patient Expert 5:45 am at Kelowna International Airport The first day of travel is always a crazy mix of excitement, fatigue, and worry that you forgot something impo ... Read on »
urban off-roading: alleyways of N/NE portland by Beth H. Patient Expert I've been trying to get as much riding in as I can because I will be traveling so much this year. Some days it has felt almost obligatory, other days it has started out t ... Read on »
Bikes or Insurance, is it the same thing? by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional Someone recently asked me: “You were a frame builder, so you didn’t actually make complete bicycles?” I explained that I built frames that either had the ‘dave m ... Read on »