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Padded Under Shorts by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional Traditionally cycling shorts are worn without underwear. Anyone who knows anything about cycling knows that. The reason, most garments including underwear have seams w ... Read on »
there's no place like home, there's no place like home by Beth H. Patient Expert Next week, I will click my heels three times, show the TSA officials my ID, and board a plane bound for the Midwest. I am about to head off for my third summer as a teacher ... Read on »
beausage by Beth H. Patient Expert Dental floss: best thread ever for repairing canvas bicycle bags. Read on »
there's a new kid in town: rivelo by Beth H. Patient Expert After a morning spent working on music for my upcoming teaching residency, I needed a bike ride. So I rode across town and over to the new boutique, Rivelo . It's basically ... Read on »
The Mob Mentality by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional Whenever I am engaged in conversation with people who are not cyclists, on learning of my background in the bike business, and my continued interest in riding, they will i ... Read on »
2015-16 Liverpool Weg Voetbal shirts by wangw21 Real Madrid kids voetbalshirts de eerste keer in Guangzhou, met betrekking tot het stopcontact beslissende slag, verloor van 0:5 uw huis aan een grote score ze had geslagen ... Read on »
How Fast Eddie got his bike back by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional Last November I had the pleasure of meeting “Fast Eddie” Williams when I made a brief visit to New York. (Picture above.) Eddie is something of a legend as a bike messenge ... Read on »
sunday parkways returns! by Beth H. Patient Expert If you're in Portland and want to have more fun than a typical, stuffy Mother's Day brunch will provide, come on down to Sunday Parkways East . The City of Portland will cl ... Read on »
Compression Sleek Sleeves by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional Elastic support hose or stockings have been prescribed in the medical profession for years as a remedy for poor circulation in the legs. My mother suffered from Phlebi ... Read on »
ride report: outer east portland by Beth H. Patient Expert I invited Slug Velo alumni and their friends who get the concept to join me for a mellow, slug-paced bike ride. Not wanting to be totally responsible, I advised that thi ... Read on »