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why i ride by Beth H. Patient Expert NE Bryant Avenue overpass, 5:30 pm Friday 2/27/2015. Read on »
Labels by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional Our society has this strange trait of labeling everyone. It is not enough that we know someone by their given name, we have to categorize them further by what they do ... Read on »
Product Review 2014 Part 5 of 5, SRM, CarboRocket, Raxter Bike Rack, G-Form Pads, Oakley Eyewear,... by Krista Park Healthy Living Professional You do lose the ability to quickly change the chainring on the trail since you have to pull the crank to change the chai ... Read on »
spread the love! by Beth H. Patient Expert (This is a cross-post from my music blog) Dear friends of my music I love that you love my music. I love that you write to me to tell me so. And I love meeting you ... Read on »
Drink Your Water by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional I have a pretty serious urinary tract infection. If you have never experienced one of these, I advise that you take all the steps to avoid one at all costs. It invol ... Read on »
Save Space and Money with a Rental Reclining Sofa by baddyrents When you think of the role comfort plays in our health and overall well being, it becomes clear to see that quality furniture is not only a luxury, but a necessity. Howe ... Read on »
Fuso FRX Criterium by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional When I first introduced the Fuso frame in 1984 there was just one model. It was simply a “Fuso.” Then after a couple of years I was getting requests for chrome platin ... Read on »
rest and recovery by Beth H. Patient Expert Last Sunday, I started to notice a little tickle at the back of my throat. My voice had been hoarse since Saturday afternoon, and I chalked it up all the singing I'd done a ... Read on »
Chillin by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional “Chillin” is a word that has crept into the Urban Dictionary. A word for “Relaxing, doing nothing in particular.” Chillin, in my book would require having happy thou ... Read on »
The time has come to retire by One Eyed Z. News from the KC Sprints blog KC Sprints is retiring. Retiring? Yes, you read that right. R-E-T-I-R-I-N-G As in we are done. Finished. No more. Stick ... Read on »