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Fighting pre holiday depression... by One Eyed Z. By dreaming of rides big and small. The Rapha Continental Movie from RAPHA on Vimeo .   City Lines from RAPHA on Vimeo . Read on »
Large Printable Posters by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional A magazine ad from 1986 was brought to my attention last week. I remembered I had a large format file of that print. (Above.) The picture was composed and taken by ph ... Read on »
New Pop-top Camper Van by Krista Park Healthy Living Professional Custom Camper Van: I was excited this year to design/buy a new (used) van. Looking for the new van I called Tim at  ... Read on »
diy cheapskate bikes - it's a thing by Beth H. Patient Expert In a fit of rebellious pique, I went ahead and created a new Flickr group. For everyone who loves the aesthetic of bikes like Rivendell, Alex Singer, Pereira and the l ... Read on »
If ya got time to lean.... by One Eyed Z. "If ya got time to lean you've got time to clean!" At least that is how the saying goes. Winter in a bike shop in the Midwest is all about leaning and cleaning . And ... Read on »
Clear prescription lenses for my Rudy Project glasses by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional You may remember earlier this year when I wrote about my new sunglasses that I ordered from SportRX, a company in San Diego that specialize in prescription sports eyewear. ... Read on »
on practicing contentment by Beth H. Patient Expert Contentment is something one generally needs to practice in this world. Let's face it. Unless you live in a yet-to-develop country and sleep on a dirt floor and cook y ... Read on »
The Bicycle: Evolution or Intelligent Design. Part III by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional   This is the final part of a three part series. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you read Part I, and Part II first. The slump in bicycle sales that last ... Read on »
"I'm buying a helmet." by One Eyed Z. When I woke up Sunday morning I noticed I had a text. "I'm buying a helmet." Uh-oh... I figured Jim had taken a tumble and rang his bell on the way home from the bar ... Read on »
i love it when people get me by Beth H. Patient Expert I submitted a resume for a staff educator position at a summer camp back east. What was nice was that they found me through a Jewish music network, and reached out to me ... Read on »