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Going Metric by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional Britain like the US resists going completely metric even though logically it makes sense to measure or count stuff in multiples of ten. The US has always had a decim ... Read on »
ride anyway. by Beth H. Patient Expert This morning, I woke up feeling groggy. I sat up and immediately felt dizzy. Which was annoying, because I had signed up to work a volunteer shift as a roving mechanic fo ... Read on »
Tonyon Universal Folding Bike Lock by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional If you use a bike for transport, securing it when you park it can be a problem. A length of chain and a padlock might do the trick, but an enterprising thief, with a ... Read on »
Could not knowing lead to not caring? Maybe. Maybe not. by Beth H. Patient Expert In today's VeloNews coverage of the Tour de France, now just a week away from its finish in Paris, VN Editor John Bradley writes an interesting, if somewhat depressing, ana ... Read on »
on overhauls by Beth H. Patient Expert I am in the process of overhauling the All-Rounder. Overhauling a bike basically maneas that, in addition to thoroughly cleaning every inch of the bike -- frame, rims, ... Read on »
1978 Aero Track Frame by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional I came across these photos the other day of an experimental aero track frame I built at the end of 1978 a matter of weeks before I came to the US to work for Paris Sp ... Read on »
LOTOJA 2014 Race Report — Salt River Pass Summit to Finish Line by RollinThunder Facebook This is the last installment of my 2014 LOTOJA Race Report I know, I know. I finally decided I needed to get this report done before I actually started the 2015 race. ... Read on »
for you a rose in portland grows by Beth H. Patient Expert Wednesday evening neighborhood spin around Peninsula Park Rose Garden. I've been enjoying the BSto ... Read on »
Why so short? by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional Have you ever pulled the fork from a Fuso, or any other frame I built, and wondered why the thread on the steering tube is so short? There is about 2 cm. (3/4 in.) of ... Read on »
Test post by Kelownagurl Patient Expert So I thought I'd try posting from my iPad to see how easy (or difficult) it would be to blog when I'm travelling.  I suspect I will be a little more limited in options, but ... Read on »