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Giro Republic Cycling Shoes by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional I love the simplicity of Shimano SPD Double Sided Pedals. (Left.) I never have to look down to see which side is up, and they are easy to click in and out of. They ... Read on »
springtime in january: rocky butte by Beth H. Patient Expert I needed a bigger ride today. I am still sleeping badly, waking up at 2 or 3 each morning and taking a couple of hours to go back to sleep. Last night I nticed my mood plun ... Read on »
bicycling and depression: an update by Beth H. Patient Expert Some time back I talked about menopause . Specifically, about bicycling and how it can help manage some symptoms of peri-menopause. Since then, it has become clear to ... Read on »
Opting out of the system by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional For the first half of the last century the Tobacco Industry pretty much had a clear run of things, and what a fantastic business model it was. Tobacco is relatively c ... Read on »
Product Review 2014 Part 4 of 5, Osprey Packs, Advocare and Discount Code for Christopher Bean... by Krista Park Healthy Living Professional 2015 Enduro Race team plans are coming together. With contracts signed, Stan's NoTubes and Osprey Packs are back as sponsors!   See earlier post for photos o ... Read on »
Please, just go around me by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional   More and more states are bringing in “Safe Passing” laws to protect cyclists. As they do, more and more motorists complain that they cannot safely pass cyclist ... Read on »
local issues, global concerns: whose streets? by Beth H. Patient Expert This guest article over at really lays out the reasons we need a better solution to streets maintenance than our lame-o City Council can offer to date: ... Read on »
Designing Bikes for Women by Dave M. Healthy Living Professional I have this theory regarding functional art, that if an object or piece of equipment is designed to perform its function correctly, it will appear pleasing to the eye ... Read on »
scenes from a bike ride: eastside portland by Beth H. Patient Expert Rode my bike today in bright winter sunshine. Tallbike love While I was riding around, I s ... Read on »
bicycling and menopause: a conversation by Beth H. Patient Expert Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by independent publisher, blogger and author Elly Blue . She writes on the intersection between bicycling and feminism a g ... Read on »