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won the essay contest supra vaider uk for school organization to get

Posted Jan 19 2013 5:59am
Sister very much hope that you can live better than their own, and learn more than their own knowledge. Sister fragile voice promised me back my sister we will learn a good listen to the teacher, you do not worry about us, the teacher said to me you are still complete their studies, you have to learn, we must come back to see we hear here my tears shed again. This looks like a second grade children said, I really can not believe that my child from a second grade heard this. I was moved, I was really easy to be moved by this? Teachers, classmates and friends say that I say, the heart, too good, and sometimes the case a little touched by the things, I will shed tears! S the heart, may be on the way my character, I have been put to their most satisfying side show, others also feel very satisfied with nothing, I have nothing to temper, but sometimes a little temper., But also Suanbu Le What will soon be over! I believe that the supra society uk younger kids are great! In my heart I will always support them, to support them in silence, in the future I must go back and help them, watching them grow up happy!

A front row starting today came to this school! Come to see those kids, to see them smiling face, how pure their smiles! I've been telling myself must be strong! This time I did it, I did not shed tears. To see that his sister, then give me a call and she see when the spirit is more than down in May, the spirit is commendable! She also told me; "sister, you were gone we miss you, and always look forward to every day you come down to see us, I'll tell you a good news, I won the essay contest supra vaider uk for school organization, to get a first-class Award! "I had begun to smile answered her:" er er, sister miss you, always looking for the time to come back and see you, sister back today is not the thing! sister believe your future will be good, listen to the teacher good student in the eyes of the teachers, but the sister to tell you, we must do this yourself, learn to be good students' own work, and that is to learn!
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