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Withered is also a kind of beauty

Posted Jan 17 2011 8:45am
Far, you have the same thoughts, as expected. I want to another city in the sky are you so smoggy? Whether you are such links a rainy night so thoughts? The sky was dark clouds flashing occlusions, without links of London sweetie ring, lost his life; I wonder whether it is laughing at me, who have pity, amorous Cocktail Glass with Cherry Charm ancient peach blossom like water. Thoughts of anger, the soul in the darkness of the pain struggle, find the gap could escape. Every time you meet, I always use full expression links of london to cater to your deep eyes! However, the heart throbbing often, you can experience that want to love and dare to the feeling of love? My heart is afraid of being you see more afraid of, links of london heart disc charm, but are you see what all don't pretend to understand after! That would make my heart even worse! I don't know this contradiction friendship bracelets to torment me feelings? Maybe when I decided to love you, will never be able to calm Heart Lake! Flying to the thoughts and memories, and many butterflies in vanished in a moment! Maybe I am not your view, you are not my dream! For you, beautiful links of london bracelets links of London charm necklace, I am free air, unruly wind! To me, you are true and phantom! There are many things to explain! Also cannot explain! Perhaps never meet, mood never heavy! Thought is a kind of beautiful, meet Links London sweetie until wounded hearts in bitter tears rolling intoxicated; just know it like the poem with pain, hidden meet the aftertaste! The heart, under the drizzle, links of london heart disc charm is falling, mind has already been find way, and I'm looking forward to it empty heart! But, behold, he is always has the dark Lovestruck necklace,pave diamond clouds slowly drifting. Every time, are cold, I knew you buried the helpless, and your dumb sorrow! But how did you know? My heart links is also float to the bitter sea! Tears fall, the heart broken. No one can feel sad! The stars, like a lamp that spans the light! Lamp links London silver chain links of london destroyed. Leaving a repeatedly in the light smoke endless sorrow slowly rising, become a slim dream! Dreams fall! Gather to eternal! Once the beautiful butterfly, such as incineration! Repeated it’s quietly out! Love is not forever, links of london sweetie friendship bracelets bracelet gives you love, I'm not the only one! Look at your firm, not back, I suspect, one always looking for a worthless fantasy! Whenever the butterfly flutters season, my heart, links of London Flip Flop 3-Flowers Charm, I have no sense of a stabbing pain. Remember links of london bracelets your face is so clear, you smile still so sweet! All such as yesterday, didn't change! The beauty of life, and this life I struggled with colored the pursuit of struggling to grow. Even though I was dark and depressive, even Links London sweetie the extremely ugly, I still regrets, because I have the beautiful life is hard, now paying for the afterlife. Hence, Links London two hearts charm-red I struggled to grow, silk, is also very tired, but I want to hurt, I will become a beautiful butterfly, my heart is poured with happiness. For then I will deduce "tears dye wings of mining, butterfly, flowers" beauty Lovestruck necklace,pave diamond and sorrow. For this, no matter how hard the pain and suffering I have. But one day, I heard the birds singing, flowing streams, a breeze, links charms, even the unnumbered voice; I know the blossom in spring. Hence, I tried to break down Cocktail Glass with Cherry Charm the enclosure. Suddenly, I felt the unprecedented freedom. I can fly! I flew to the lake, links sweetie, I saw my reflection. At that moment, my tears, because that is the reflection of the butterfly!
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