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Wisconsin Fox News photojournalist and cyclist documents close calls with motorists

Posted Mar 13 2009 4:10pm

I came across this story from a Wisconsin Fox affiliate about one of their photojournalists who is a cyclists and decided to start video taping his rides so police would believe him when he claimed motorists were acting aggressively. He was successful in getting a motorist ticketed in one instance but had the police try to blame him in another which was a complete contradiction to Wisconsin law. Cyclist have a right to the road and unlike in Texas, there is a 3 feet minimum passing distance requirement.

Wisconsin DPS is doing a training of officers in bicycle laws much like the proposed training of 100% of APD officers in the draft City of Austin 2020 Master Bicycle Plan. The Fox story ends with an anecdote from one of the classes. The instructor asked how many officers were comfortable with their knowledge of bicycle laws and not a single officer raise his hand.

So there you go. The people in charge of enforcing the law admit they don’t even know what the law is. Now you know why you don’t get any respect on the road and why motors who commit manslaughter  run over cyclists get a slap on the wrist, especially if you’re  a cop running over a 10 year old on a bike ( warning, linked video is disturbing.)

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