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Wind Miles said: Oldest Ian magician stood up

Posted Nov 01 2012 2:11pm
Naturally, he asked: Wind Miles said: But you have to understand, these data are collected by the the magic association elite agent, fidelity as high as 99% in their history to collect information, but also never appeared deviation Kate magician, do you information collected there any doubt? Kate asked again: Wind Miles Road: Kate said: Wind Miles said: Kate said: ultimate of magic and martial art, he was only 23 years old, how to be able to practice to such a degree? even if he began to practice from the mother's womb, nor can there be such a strong strength! Wind Miles said: we have to accept this fact. Okay, you have any doubt? If there is no doubt that, you now can express their views! Kate is the first published: fighters, I can see who is his opponent? Kate comes to this, Softley scolded: Kate has said: day the strength to do it. especially in day suspect. My personal opinion is no matter in particular day is not really the murderer, please arrest him! Kate Having sat back in the seat.
    Wind Miles said: Oldest Ian magician stood up:
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