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Who left that there?!

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
Victorian State TT Champs
Gnawarre to Ceres (outskirts of Geelong)
Friday 14th August 2009
Bit of wind, not warm, but not cold.

Flying in to Geelong on Thursday there was time to get a look at the course before we raced over it on Friday. After seeing the 28 km at about 70% of race pace, I was really looking forward to racing it, although a bit apprehensive about the final 1 km, which was considerably vertical! The first 27 km was going to suit me really well, power climbs, fast descents and some flat bits for charging along!

Friday went to plan with my warm and pre-race preps. Oh, except for needing to get Mick to go back and get my license which I had left in the cabin, oops.

The course went out from Gnawarre for 8km then turned and came back past the start and kept going for another 12 km. As I came back past the start, I was feeling incredibly good, much the same as I had at Calga a few weeks ago. The roads were straight most of the time and you had a good view of who was coming after you had turned and who was ahead. After I had turned I saw Kathy Watt bearing down on Suz Alway- Suz was 2 minutes behind me, Kathy 1 min behind her. Suddenly, along with the other aims of the day, I added the goal of not letting Kathy catch me (and hopefully to finish ahead of her!).

As I passed the start line I was starting to make ground on my one minute marker. It took a little while, but I reeled her in and was still feeling incredibly strong. Down the fast descent I snuck a peek at my SRM, only to see my speed creeping over my previous fastest of speed of 72kph- 76 kph was the max speed for the day, adrenaline anyone?!

Past the 5 km marker I was still riding the race plan and feeling good. Same thing at 3km. Then about 2km, the course started to kick up, that was OK. Then at about 1km it just kept dragging. Suddenly my speed was washing away and I was losing time. The encouragement of the kids at the local primary school had a massive impact on my dragging myself to the top. (OK, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it certainly felt it!) As I crested the hill, I found myself a sprinting gear and made for the finish line quick smart. Sian tells me the disk appeared to be working hard as I took the corner for the finish, and we all know appearance is everything!!

In the end I stopped the clock at 43:55.06, 7th place. I also achieved my impromptu target of not getting caught by Kathy, and I finished in front of her (just!). 96% of the race had gone to plan, damn that 4% for raining on my parade!

SA rocket, Carly Light, continued her awesome form, smashing the field with 41:27.55, Louise Kerr took silver (42:30.20), fellow Canberran Bron Ryan took the bronze (42:54.94) and Sarah Roy was 4th (43:09.09).

One day I will be a better hill climber, until then, sheer power will just have to do!!
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